And they’re having trouble discerning if it’s “the frank or the beans” that’s stuck. Sorry Nenu Alantidanni Kadu Movie Scenes - Journalist Interrogation Police scene. The Netflix miniseries When They See Us struck a chord with many viewers as it was based on the events of the 1989 Central Park jogger case where five African American youths were wrongly convicted of the crime. He slyly slurps a wad of jello into his mouth, then shoves an entire hamburger into his gaping maw. Adrian J. Silence from B.K., who stands still and unimpressed. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life had Mr. Creosote exploding, graphic sex-ed and “find the fish,” and Life of Brian was blasphemously gut-busting. 360° VR VIDEO - BATMAN vs JOKER - INTERROGATION SCENE - THE DARK KNIGHT - JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE-86tl7K_MAmM. Cruise’s shocking profanity is only part of the joke. But his take on studio executive Les Grossman, almost unrecognizable with male-pattern baldness, excess body hair, and a few extra pounds, was pure, intentionally over-the-top comic perfection, as illustrated in this clip. See more ideas about scene, joker heath, the dark knight trilogy. They’re insane enough in a formal setting (see the blue and orange tuxedos). Evil. But just know that you’ll be depriving yourself of one of the most shockingly hilarious scenes in the history of cinema. When it shows up on government radar, the radar tech named Johnson (Clint Howard) points it out to his colonel and Johnson says, “It looks like a giant --” and the scene cuts to a pilot gasping, “Dick!” But he’s actually talking to his co-pilot, named Dick, who says, “Oh my God, it looks like a huge --” and cut to a new scene with a birdwatcher exclaiming, “Pecker!” And so on. Again, Evan comes back at him with, “Who are you, Seal?” Hill, in his breakthrough role, loses his cool in hilarious fashion as Evan and Seth walk off, disgusted with their buddy’s ID fiasco. “How the hell’d you get the beans above the frank?” her stepfather shouts. He can choose any name on Earth for his fake ID and he chooses McLovin. Martin plays a dimwitted precursor to the Dumb and Dumber guys, Navin Johnson, who ultimately means well but isn’t quite in on his own joke. The first film was so funny that it was a hit with critics and viewers alike, so they went ahead and made the first of two sequels in 1988: the absurdly titled Naked Gun 2 ½: The Smell of Fear. She’s a dental hygienist, after all. The Cohen Brothers film is filled with unique characters, but with John Turturro’s Jesus Quintana character, they really hit the oddball pin (bowling pun intended) on the head. It’s not only regarded as one of the funniest films of all time, reaching top spot on Bravo’s list of the top comedies, but also the first hugely successful gross-out comedy. It’s one of those movies that’s hard to flick past when you see it on TV, since like many movies on this list it’s just teeming with laugh-out-loud scenes. The low angle is a nice touch. Guest, of course, went on to direct and star in a string of mesmerizingly funny mockumentaries like Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. Vijay Raaz Funny Interrogation Scene - Comedy Scene - Aan- Men at Work - Hindi Film. Get ready to bust your guts with the 20 Funniest Movie Scenes Of All Time. Senators condemn interrogation scenes in 'Zero Dark Thirty' By Pam Benson Three U.S. senators say the new film about the Osama bin Laden raid is "grossly inaccurate and misleading" in how it depicts CIA interrogations as torture and have called on the studio distributing "Zero Dark Thirty" to publicly state the movie is not based on fact. An interrogation scene. In fact, it was so hilariously right. And all this to the most expletive-laden hip-hop soundtrack you can imagine, thugs that they are in their Dockers, short-sleeve dress shirts, and ties. Cop out- interrogation scene! They hone their skills through years of practice. The Dark Knight Joker Heath Ledger Christian Bale Batman TDK Interrogation Scene Alternate Deleted Spoof blooper animation parody improv pranks video blog stand-up spoof short film series sketch Evil Iguana Productions Humor Comedy Parody Trailer Tv Spot Funny Spoon Bank Fresh Prince of Gotham Belair Reelz Oscar Harvey Dent whysoserious anime trailer batman the joker dark … Though Star Wars spoof Spaceballs was released in 1987, he’s only directed three movies since and we can fairly safely call it his last great effort – which is certainly not to say the last three didn’t have their moments. How does he think that’s attractive? Explore. He picks up an ashtray and says, “Except this.” He doesn’t need anything except that. Ron (Will Ferrell) asks, “Brick, where’d you get a hand grenade?” Dopey Brick (Steve Carell) responds, “I don’t know.” But along comes Luke Wilson’s well-armed team. A scene with a one-sided telephone conversation. And then there are the simple frustrations, like when that stupid printer jams and says weird, indecipherable things like “PC load letter.” This movie takes those frustrations one step further, to a place we’d all like to go in our secret desires. Narrowing down just one Monty Python scene for this list is a difficult task. SCENE 1: POLICE INTERROGATION ROOM (!e stage is set like a police line-up. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. And here, we’re not just talking about “toilet humor” in the conceptual sense, as in any kind of humor having to do with body parts or bodily fluids and waste. Backstage, the band and their manager discuss the fiasco. Get it?”, Okay, we have to do it. An action scene with no dialogue. When it comes to Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey), the “heroes” of Dumb and Dumber (1994), telling them to make themselves at home is about the worst thing you can do. That certainly wouldn’t fly today, and we get that it can be viewed as insensitive, but the film is funny if you can get past that. That’s what we’re doing. In this so ‘60s scene, Bakshi, a bit of an awkward loner at this Hollywood party, wanders the room and encounters a bird in a cage. Awsome! The sequel also reprised the original’s insane newscaster battle royale, and it was good in its own right, but there’s just no beating the unexpected cameos and pure hilarity of the original. Finally, the bride, played by Maya Rudolph, runs out of the store and squats in the middle of a busy street to take care of business. During an interrogation, he is punched repeatedly, the ropes strangling him, both eyes blackened, his face a swollen mask of blood. The entire interrogation scene of Calden and Gavilan. See more ideas about room, interview rooms, writing inspiration. The long and short of it (pun intended) is it’s a two-minute long phallic joke. The bridal party is checking out dresses in an upscale boutique after a meal when suddenly their skin looks clammy, bowels begin to rumble, and McCarthy's Megan dry heaves with an added touch of flatulence. Much of their humor, admittedly, is an acquired taste, and this scene may be no exception. Stiller is perfectly awkward as shaggy-haired, brace-faced young Ted. So, onstage two little people wind up dancing around an underwhelmingly tiny triptych. A caped crusader asking a … !ere is an unnamed detective — who we refer to as ‘COP’ — and three uniformed CONSTABLES. Pakmarke. The interrogation scene spoof is a reminder of just how ridiculous The Dark Knight gets while sustaining a tone of utmost seriousness. One of the most harrowing scenes occurs early in the movie. But here’s a surprising stat: despite our love of laughter, the highest grossing comedy of all time – we’re talking adult comedy, no animated children’s movies or hybrids like Men in Black or Deadpool – is Ted and it’s not in the top 10 highest grossing films of all time, not in the top 50, not even in the top 100. We’re at now now.” And on it goes. But we think we’ve found 20 of the most hilariously distasteful, absurd, offensive, clever, and goofy scenes in the history of film. Impressed, His Royal Highness invites the victor to join him in his court at Camelot. Top 10 Funniest Going Into Labor Scenes in … Top 10 Serious Movie Interrogation Scenes. The food poisoning scene is utterly disgusting and absolutely hilarious. Telugufullscreen. 3 . Then along come the cops and a firefighter and all the while Stiller is a comically awkward victim as these people hilariously don’t know what to do with him. Hang on a minute, you might be saying… you’re claiming the end credits of a movie is one of the funniest movie scenes of all time? But B.K. In it, the male newscasters are down in the dumps and get lost while in search of a suit store. Go to the toilet, that’s how. Besides the storyline, the interrogation scenes of the young males is hard to forget. It all comes to a screeching halt when his wife, Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo) realizes that all the sandwiches are wet, moaning, “The dog wet on the picnic basket!” And the flirting ends as the blonde watches Clark spit his sandwich all over the place. Plus, the new Ghostbusters probably wouldn't exist without it. If you don’t want to see wet, hairy, overweight, and fully nude men wrestling and chasing each other in public, do not watch this scene. Always a good rule of thumb: When in doubt, go to the toilet. In 2002 Rust interrogates a double murder/robbery suspect and finds out that he knows that they didn't catch the right killer in 1995. This Jesus, from The Big Lebowski (1995), is an entirely different cat. A visual-to-visual transition between two scenes. Then Tim Robbins’. After striking it rich by inventing glasses that aren’t prone to slipping off one’s nose, he just as quickly loses his fortune, and the love of his life, then embarks on a drunken rant about how he doesn’t need her, or any of his possessions. I will f--- you up!”), and then there’s Grossman’s offer to send the kidnappers a particularly disgusting bodily excretion from a hobo in lieu of a $100-million ransom. It’s fightin’ time. His dance is funny enough, but when he starts opening his sandwich and showing it to her, our guts really bust. illustrates that last bit. Back in 2011, Bridesmaids was released to theaters and the world has never been the same. May 16, 2020 - Funny pictures about The interrogation scene.... Oh, and cool pics about The interrogation scene.... Also, The interrogation scene... photos. Browse more videos. Punctuation is important, people! There’s also McConaughey’s profoundly cheesy ringtone (“Sometimes When We Touch,” by Dan Hill), the agent thinking he’s talking to Tugg only to be interrupted by Flaming Dragon, Grossman verbally berating the Dragons (“I will massacre you. “I was just shaving”; she hears him taking apart the toilet and he claims, “I’m just, I’m cleaning my teeth”; and, finally, when he’s pouring the toilet’s steaming contents out the window, he lies, “I’m gargling!”. 3:59. People love to watch film comedies and recite their favorite lines with their friends and laugh all over again. JILL During their travels, Clark (Chase) has engaged in some light flirting with a Ferrari-driving blonde (Christie Brinkley). The whole plot of the movie centers around the guys trying to find their lost friend, retracing their steps from a crazy night, which they can’t remember because they blacked out. After all, it’s become a highly quotable comedy and spawned a sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, nine years later that made a whopping $173.6 million. It's as awkward – and funny – as you'd expect it to be. Back in 2007, Superbad was a surprise hit and it featured a just as surprising scene-stealer, Christopher Mintze-Plasse in his very first screen role as Fogell. But regardless of how smooth-talking a detective may be, the secret to success in securing admissible confessions will always lie in being a good listener, mentally manipulating the […] There’s not much that isn’t funny about the 2008 action comedy Tropic Thunder. A Tribute To Heath Ledger: 32 pictures from ‘The Dark Knight’ featuring the unforgettable interrogation scene of “the Joker” by Unbelievable Facts Apr 4, 2016, 2:57 pm 1.4k Views Comments Off on A Tribute To Heath Ledger: 32 pictures from ‘The Dark Knight’ featuring the unforgettable interrogation scene of “the Joker” First, a little foreplay: a crazy spoof of the infamous sultry pottery scene from Ghost, only it’s significantly less sexy. Top 10 Serious Movie Interrogation Scenes - YouTube, Basic Instinct - The Interrogation Scene - YouTube, Setting floor plan for interrogation scene. That’s just bizarre, and Frank’s satisfied gaze just seals the hilarity. He’s just too good as a comedic writer/director. McKean sarcastically claims, “The problem may have been that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.” When their manager says he’s making too big a deal of it, Shearer steals it off camera with the line, “Making a big deal of it would’ve been a good idea.”. Right off the top we’re going to address the elephant in the room (pun intended, but you’ll have to have seen the movie to get it): there’s definitely a political correctness factor to this scene, and the whole movie for that matter. An establishing scene. But when they hear sirens, they scramble. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. No, we’re not talking about the Jesus, with the whole son of God, miracle worker, risen from the dead thing. And, finally, they seal the deal to a montage of ridiculous sexual metaphors, from blossoming flowers to trains entering tunnels to human cannonballs to a hot dog being placed in a bun. Powerful interrogation scene. Today’s interrogators train in communication, human behavioural science, and legal procedures. Oh, but he needs a chair, too. That escalated quickly.”. When one preppy kid asks if he has any respect for himself, he squeezes jello into his pie-hole. That’s all he needs. His delivery during this interrogation is spot-on. Photography. The Dark Knight Joker Heath Ledger Christian Bale Batman TDK Interrogation Scene Alternate Deleted Spoof blooper animation parody improv pranks video blog stand-up spoof short film series sketch Evil Iguana Productions Humor Comedy Parody Trailer Tv Spot Funny Spoon Bank Fresh Prince of Gotham Belair Reelz Oscar Harvey Dent whysoserious anime trailer batman the joker dark knight keshen … If you’re a comedy fan, we don’t have to tell you that Mel Brooks movies are a treasure trove of hilarity. He spots her at the rest stop as she strangely puts on a flirty little dance for him while she drinks from a soda bottle. Bluto, played by Belushi in his first major film role after breaking out on the first seasons of Saturday Night Live, does his best to gross out an entire cafeteria. Enjoy production photographs shot during the making of the film. an interrogation scene leads to a funny exchange about "white privilege." But then there was Tom Cruise. this is from police squad very funny scene.never seen this type of interrogation. It’s repetitive but ingeniously funny the way Myers has written each line to flow into the next synonym for the male member and each new scene flows into a description of the same rocket flying across the sky. 3:32. Now that's funny. Yup. Here are Screen Rant's 15 Funniest Dance Scenes in Movies. "The World War II Airplane Jump": Korman and Conway play servicemen on a mission to parachute into enemy territory to destroy a bridge. Many scenes were filmed guerilla-style, as Borat interacts with real people  who are unaware that he’s a character. The first film to spin off from National Lampoon magazine, 1978’s Animal House, effectively launched the film careers of director John Landis, producer Ivan Reitman, and star John Belushi. Top 10 Hilarious Locker Room Scenes. Before long a simple swipe rips (see pun, above) off the knight’s left arm, blood pouring out. Offended, Borat picks a fight and the rest is cringingly hilarious history as their fight spills out into the hallway, elevator and even a crowded conference hall, all the while Borat’s “member” is flatteringly blacked out by an exaggeratedly-long bar. The entire interrogation scene: Henley is making the chair opposite her spin by itself, Jack is so relaxed he's actually sleeping, Merritt turns the tables on the detectives by asking them if this is their first date, and Daniel pulls his "be the smartest guy in the room" shtick. In 1997, Mike Myers banked on his Wayne’s World popularity to unleash a little passion project on the moviegoing public, one infused with his parents’ British sensibilities and spoofed spy movies like the James Bond franchise: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Similar Videos Top 10 Funny Movie Interrogation Scenes. He starts off acting kindly, but you can see in his crazy eyes and wild hair that he’s about to unhinge. JILL is viewing the police line-up and referring to her rather large fairy tale book.) will not let him pass, so Arthur has no choice. And the cherry on top: a paramedic shouts, “We got a bleeder!”. It proved to doubters that female-dominated comedies can work (it made $288.4 million on a $32.5 million budget), thrust lead actress and co-writer Kristin Wiig from Saturday Night Live star to movie star, made Melissa McCarthy a star, and won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. While chasing down the bad guys, Calden commandeers a van being driven by a woman taking her kids home.Given how fast Calden drives the van, the kids start to worry, and Calden's attempts at reassurance don't go well. Interrogation scene This photo was uploaded by Reeble. So, when Mary (Lauren Holly) tells Harry to make himself at home and his bowels start to rumble, he quickly makes her toilet his home – a home no living thing would ever want to go near ever again after he has his way with it. Yup. interrogation scenes shadows - Google Search, Wide shot of the Interrogation scene. NDTV. We’re putting two Mel Brooks scenes on this list. If you can look past the 100-year age difference, the sexy is first interrupted by a mysterious third set of hands, then somehow their feet get in on the action. On stage, the guys in fictional rock band Spinal Tap have set up a pretentiously overwrought “showstopper” surrounding their song, “Stonehenge.” Guitarist Nigel (Guest) wanted to have a gigantic recreation of Stonehenge’s stone triptychs dramatically revealed on stage. And for his grand finale, when a preppy girl calls him a pig, he says, “See if you can guess what I am now.” He pops a cream puff into his mouth, puffs out his cheeks, then smashes both cheeks, spitting gross cream all over the preppies and says, “I’m a zit. The boy's geeky friend Fogell gets a fake ID, a teen movie staple. But this rip (pun intended) roaringly raucous scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) takes the cake for us. He has to relieve himself, so he heads to the bathroom for a pee, when he innocently spots Mary through the window, changing in her bedroom. The Zucker-Abrams-Zucker team that brought us the hilarity of the Airplane movies came back in 1988 to bring us The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad, based on their short-lived 1982 TV series Police Squad! And the bedrock for that love was laid during the film’s early flashback scene, when geeky Ted arrives at Mary’s house to take her to the prom. Mary’s family, concerned, comes to the rescue. Art. Funny Height Challenge Pictures .. We saw earlier that Igor had chosen a brain labelled “abnormal.” But Igor, a bit slow, remembers it differently. While last year’s sequel/reboot, Vacation, certainly had its moments, there’s no denying the original 1983 National Lampoon’s Vacation starring Chevy Chase at his peak is an all-time comedy classic. Shocked, he cringingly zips his fly over a certain part of his anatomy, with a blood-curdling scream. But it turned out Nigel’s diagram specified 18 inches rather than the intended 18 feet – he used a quotation mark signifying inches instead of an apostrophe signifying feet. Man Of Steel - Interrogation Scene - YouTube. It might come as a surprise that Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy didn’t even make $100 million during its theatrical release in 2004 (it made $90.6 million). A world where passive-aggressive middle managers are weirdly obsessed with the cover sheets on TPS reports, and where the strange quiet guy isn’t noticed when he threatens to set the building on fire over a stapler. Suspecting his hunch-backed, bulgy-eyed assistant Igor (Marty Feldman) has messed up, Wilder (who co-wrote the script with Brooks) is at his slow-burning best, and that’s what makes this scene so funny. He wrote it and starred in it as the titular ‘60s spy who was frozen and awakened in the ‘90s, as well as his nemesis, Dr. Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz & 8 Other Sketchy Characters On The Simpsons, one of the most shockingly hilarious scenes in the history of cinema, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad, Chris Hemsworth: His Best And Worst Movies, Ranked (According To IMDb), Undertale: 10 Undyne Quotes That Are Fantastic, The 10 Highest Grossing Actors Of The 2010s, Ranked According To Box Office Mojo, MCU: 5 Characters Who Would Make The Best Girlfriends (& 5 Who Would Make The Worst), Black Mirror: 10 Unpopular Opinions (According To Reddit), Game Of Thrones: 5 Ways Olenna Was The Worst Tyrell (& 5 Ways Margaery Was), 15 Movie Characters Who Accurately Portray Mental Illness, Mad Men: 10 Things About Joan Holloway That Make No Sense, Queen Of The South: The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence, 10 Most Questionable Parenting Choices In Friends, 10 Beloved Action Movie Stars (& Their Highest Rated Movie On Rotten Tomatoes), Retro-Cast: If The Hunger Games Was Made In The 1980s, The Vampire Diaries: 10 Things About Werewolves That Still Don't Make Sense, The Hunger Games: Mutts (& 9 Other Terrifying Creatures), The Challenge: 10 Players Every Scorpio Needs On Their Side, Harry Potter: 10 Storylines A Marauders Spinoff Could Cover, Wonder Woman 1984: Diana's 10 Best Outfits. When they take their hands off the clay, it disgustingly splatters all over them – but part of what makes it funny is they don’t care, they’re too busy making out. “Tis but a scratch.” “I’ve had worse.” “It’s just a flesh wound.” And, finally, when he’s just a torso with a head, and Arthur “rides” off in victory, the Black Knight shouts, “I’ll bite your legs off!”, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. It’s a tough call, but it contains arguably the series' most laugh-out-loud hysterical scene, when Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) and Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley) do the nasty. In it, Darth Vader wannabe Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) is with his cronies searching their radar for the good guys, who are nowhere to be seen. That’s exactly what our heroes do, with hilarious results, as three office workers take turns kicking, stomping and beating the printer with a baseball bat, until one of them gets personal with it, gets in close and punches away at it, while his partners pull him away as though he’s gone too far in beating that mob rat’s head to a bloody pulp. Finally, to put a button on the proceedings, comedy legend Coca shrugs her shoulders and continues to eat her dog pee sandwich. The Party was released in 1968 and this might not have been a big deal to most moviegoers back then, but immortal comic actor Peter Sellers, a white English actor, portrays a brown-skinned Indian man named Hrundi V. Bakshi, complete with Indian accent and brown makeup. And a lamp. You really can’t go wrong with a film the now 90-year-old living legend writer/director has created. 01:02 Hate Story 3 Hot Scenes Zarine Khan Daisy Shah Hate Story 3 Hot Scenes Zarine Khan Daisy Shah by Raam Ramslucky 5,284 views 00:25 top ten funny baby videos funny video clips of babies funny jokes funniest clips top ten funny baby videos funny video Hang on a minute, you might be saying… you’re claiming the end credits of a movie is one of the funniest movie scenes of all time? And it was just McLovin, no first name. Then, out of nowhere, 60-something Frank suddenly has Arnold Schwarzenegger's torso. His “Tarkin,” Colonel Sandurz (George Wyner), has the bright idea to bust out “the cassette of Spaceballs The Movie.” This was before DVDs/Blu-rays and streaming made it easier to skip through movies, despite the fact that they’re hurtling through space in a technological marvel, and they do debate how it’s possible to be on the set of the movie and watch it at the same time. Produced by Judd “Everything He Touches Turns to Gold” Apatow and written by a team of childhood friends in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (they wrote it as teenagers, though it was produced years later), the film revolves around two high-schoolers (Jonah Hill as Seth and Michael Cera as Evan) desperate to lose their virginity. “You make me sad,” responds the rejected King of the Britons. 's latest episode, "Alien Commies From the Future!" After funny commands to “prepare to fast forward” through the FBI warning and Helmet not enjoying seeing himself fly head-first into a wall, they finally arrive at the very moment they’re in, watching themselves in real time. Sorry Nenu Alantidanni Kadu Movie Scenes - Journalist Interrogation Police scene. He sees its food bowl, labeled “BIRDIE NUM NUM” and repeats the phrase over and over again while he feeds it. Evan asks, “What, are you trying to be an Irish R&B singer?” Bizarrely for this scrawny white kid, he claims his second choice would’ve been Muhammed. When the horrifying mess is over with, and Harry’s relaxing on the throne, it’s only then that Mary tells him that the toilet is broken. Set like a police line-up a funny exchange about `` White Privilege. Dark -... The trial, investigation and lives of the most shockingly hilarious Scenes in Movies MOVIE-86tl7K_MAmM... Cop ’ — and three uniformed CONSTABLES writing help, writing help, writing.. Movie site, remembers it differently BAD WOLF, GOLDILOCKS, and his reaction is too much can! Really can ’ t need anything Except that ID and he chooses McLovin - comedy scene the... Bust your guts with the 20 Funniest Movie Scenes - Journalist Interrogation police scene go-to for. Of their food staged funny business during a concert, followed by some nutty improved dialogue backstage that ’... Need anything Except that bit slow, remembers it differently the boy geeky! A film the now 90-year-old living legend writer/director has created out weapons they ’ ve been! - the Interrogation scene spoof [ Spanish Fandub ] Agents of SHIELD Plays White Privilege Laughs... Brain labelled “ abnormal. ” but Igor, a phenomenon was born: McLovin it.... Down in the line-up: the BIG Lebowski ( 1995 funny interrogation scenes, is pure gold a... And there was hilarious gross-out humor, admittedly, is an unnamed detective — who we refer to ‘! Says, “ Except this. ” he doesn ’ t need anything Except that it was just McLovin, first... Arm, blood pouring out him, his Royal Highness invites the victor to join him in his court Camelot! Go meta and break the fourth wall, but you can see in his crazy eyes wild. While she waits for him, his Royal Highness invites the victor to join him in crazy! Of a suit store on it goes Matthew McConaughey, has come to life and instantly to... At now now. ” and on it goes labeled “ BIRDIE NUM ”! Then, out of his island lair, clearly looking like a mob funny interrogation scenes., but he needs a chair, too joker - Interrogation & Torture scene ( HD videogamescenes... In Movies you like some food, Polly? ”, Okay we... We refer to as ‘ COP ’ — and three uniformed CONSTABLES and continues to eat her dog!. Spaceballs watching Spaceballs ” scene is utterly disgusting and absolutely hilarious the obvious, “ Except ”! Horribly wrong in the history of cinema that you ’ ll slap a little “ viewer discretion ”. The Future!, with a film the now 90-year-old living legend writer/director has created ROOM!..., is an unnamed detective — who we refer to funny interrogation scenes ‘ COP ’ — and three uniformed.! This great scene, joker heath, the Dark Knight - joker Interrogation scene spoof [ Fandub! Did n't catch the right killer in 1995 lives of the joke a formal Setting ( see,. Manager discuss the fiasco YouTube, Basic Instinct - the Interrogation scene spoof [ Spanish ]... Putting two Mel brooks Scenes on this one satirized short of it ( intended... Young Frankenstein, from 1974, is pure gold, a bit,... The film, above ) off the Knight ’ s about to unhinge language news team to be stands! Scene, a phenomenon was born: McLovin has no choice COP ’ — and three CONSTABLES. The Vampire and Magnolia mob rat intended ) with gut-busting laugh-out-loud Scenes refer to as ‘ COP —. With real people who are unaware that he ’ s lying on the cake, stating... A brain labelled “ abnormal. ” but Igor, a desire for family unity scene leads to table! Shield Plays White Privilege for Laughs, his excuses are hilarious was hilarious gross-out humor admittedly!
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