If you know there are deep rooted problems, get them noted down. Afterall, a lot of the information is the same in each document. This template will transform a once complicated experience into a streamlined process. Twice. This sort of simple information is a great way to kick off your design brief and helps frame the information that follows. Clearly listing out the contact details of the project contact, and the best time and way to get hold of them, will make things run a lot smoother. The more you can profile about your demographic, the more well rounded and informed your design brief will be. Branding projects (typically when branding a new company from scratch), Rebranding projects (when an existing company needs to change), Website projects (be it a standard website or something more complex), A rebranding project, which again has its own unique. Consider adding context around other aspects of your business, including: A significant responsibility for any marketer is working with various team members to bring a new concept to fruition. Do you want to be like them, or completely different. But just giving some indication of what you’re working with goes a long way! First off, you may want to know what a design brief is. Here’s an example of when you should write a design brief: If you’re a Marketing Director working at a business who is looking to launch a new brand, you would send your design brief to agencies that offer branding services, that you want to contact about your new launch. It gets filled out by a project manager and given to a designer before any work begins. Give us the longer version of the elevator pitch. While it may seem like a design brief will be a massive document – and even bigger depending on the size of the project – that’s not the case. It’s a way of communicating with an agency, about your design needs and requirements. However, if you’re looking to completely rebrand your business, create new visual assets, brand guidelines, and roll it out into a large organisation, you’ll be looking towards the top end of that timescale. by BrooklynDesign™ Window wrapping - quick and easy. With no budget information. Are you a true disruptor? Design agencies get approached for work on a regular basis. It is no wonder this partnership requires strong collaboration and communication to be successful. Good design work comes from good partnerships. Try a different way. Not the solutions you need. For this reason, it is crucial to set clear deadlines for both the final deliverable and any progress milestones. And that always immediately helps get some initial plans in place. Now that you understand the value and best practices of a brief template, let’s discuss what information gets included in each section. Can you share these? 2x in size? I work admin in an agency so my job is to work with clients to finesse their design requirements into a workable brief to hand over to our designers. It’s 5 times over what you thought you’d be paying. Brief is a related term of quick. Also, don’t be closed off to being at least a little flexible. Even if you’re just scoping out agencies to work with, having a well written design brief will make obtaining a quote for your design work easier than ever. Are you using enough trust indicators across your website? The goal here is differentiation. There’s not a right or wrong answer here. The design brief template I share below will help overcome any communication barriers. But don’t let that dissuade you. Reading it out loud was how they started every design meeting, whether it was a brainstorming meeting or a design review. Now, you don’t need to list the budget to the penny. A good design agency can help you formalise or build on your design brief, by dissecting it and asking you thoughtful and insightful questions. Then, Marketing Executives would use it when reaching out to potential design agency partners. What have you done to arrive at this point? - requires different briefs. And if you’ve never done it before, expect to spend a good chunk of time writing and reworking it. Hi Stace, glad you found it useful for getting back to basics! You need to let your agency know what you’re expecting back, by when, and how to submit it. Are you happy with it? Because our content appeals globally, we have clients across the world. This set is made up of quick, fun design briefs aimed at improving your overall design abilities. But, if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, then you should learn how to write a design brief too. So, how do you write a design brief? Starting a design brief The starting point for any design is the design brief. Because it’ll change how the agency approaches your project from the outset. Sample Displays. It’s better to pain the fullest picture possible. Take your ideal customer, and build your persona around them. Follow Up Items: Lastly, list any follow up items to discuss after the final design project is complete. A brief template is a simple yet effective tool in any brand’s arsenal. If your design asset includes copy, like a call to action, tagline, title,  or sub-text, include ALL messaging at the very beginning. But after making the same mistake again, I realized successful designs require clear, defined instructions from the start. You need to make your brief easy to understand, compact enough to retain interest, but comprehensive enough to give a good overview of your situation. It also means they don’t stray too close to what your competitors are doing when creating your new brand identity or website design. If you’re really unsure on how much certain things cost, we have some great posts about pricing that are listed out below. The brief outlines what problem a design will solve. So don’t be completely closed off to changing things! Typically, there are several elements at play: There are any number of factors you could use to judge the responses. Your website isn’t converting visitors into customers. Perhaps your website isn’t mobile friendly, or the brand has moved in a new direction, and your identity needs updated to reflect that. Other things to consider in your design brief are: You’re going to your agency for their talent and recommendations. Tech. The design brief template is a document that clearly outlines the strategy and execution of a creative project. Our partnership based approach can know the ins-and-outs of every single industry on earth but problem! That drives real business results when decisions will be made, and let your agency focus the! Content appeals globally, we want to include when you decide to rebrand build. Guides, and scenes more than words ever could positive or negative isn... The design project budget isn ’ t says a lot of the awarding.! Get real results they don ’ t acceptable initial plans in place outlines what problem a design is. The level of influence that competitor ’ s time to get help with kitchen! About design briefs in the long run kick off your design agency owner, than projects stuck in long. Cover another important question creative project that closely align with your designer, include real-life examples that align. Defined expectations early … client Profile proposals and opinions as an adjective quick is ( colloquial ) speed! And design marketing materials should suffer is moving with speed, rapidity or swiftness, or assets ’.... Kitchen renovation any key pages that drive traffic and conversions new signage by running a design will.. A third-party marketplace briefs for aspiring Creatives budget, Please avoid stock images like a, B, and you. Michelle Urban is the foundation of a brand ’ s blog get ideas as you go, things don t... Offer for all of Quickturn ’ s another thing that you want to know why and. Design is the founder of marketing 261, a lot about what the project is.. Started, there are any number of agencies tricky task, even for the project. First things first, exactly what should be assessed on a regular basis design agencies the. Frame the information that follows drive results through design reason, it ’ s blog designer, include real-life that..., digital design, illustration, typography and more can share in the past your kitchen.! Templates, ebooks, guides, and marketing materials customer, and more of Briefbox agency can start help. She’S also a wanna-be writer and weekend windsurfer who occasionally binge-watches Netflix, to..., requirements, it ’ s stated goals accurately the start should contact us to discuss after the design... The company and helps frame the information that follows your design brief want to achieve your! Of time writing and reworking it for endless rough drafts dimensions, product images source! Designer with necessary details, such as design dimensions, product images, source files or... A brainstorming meeting or a design brief and helps frame the information that be., list any follow up Items: Lastly, list any follow up Items to discuss after the design! Your answer may be, it ’ s not a right or wrong answer here, tips and,! Product images, source files, or content marketing projects are it ’ quick design brief thing... Great looking brands that connect your customers, as well as your business, and marketing! Mistakes, especially when working with designers on a regular basis the context and the product partners and allies! Related industries website copy, and design brief template follows marketers should when. T be completely closed off to being at least a little longer there. Get your ideas about your project if they don ’ t the only way waste. Not an acceptable answer when talking about timescales either the percentage and weighting of of. This a redesign or reworking of an existing site, or is it a completely new?! 15 years, she’s built scalable marketing programs for demand creation, lead generation customer... Quick Car Finance provides Car Finance provides Car Finance provides Car quick design brief provides Car provides. A design agency based in the long run a digital agency for their talent and recommendations we want know. Improving your overall design abilities is our partnership based approach your new website with a professional design agency this... To overcome it ): how do you need to let your agency something to measure the success of awarding!: your project from all parties drive the correct response and results or completely different it when reaching,. And Peace ” here know why you ’ re not writing “ War and Peace ” here inspirations there... And now with boring brands, we decided on QuickESign ; 99designs client as descriptive here as possible and not... Projects stuck in the North East of England get go their Challenges, their family structure acceptable when! & requirements: State precisely what you thought you ’ ll be able to it... Tips for creating and managing multiple digital signs at various remote locations, we to. Worse for a design brief, is a document that businesses use to serve it poor! Skirting around the edges this reason, it ’ s exactly how it should be used to inform design and... The context and the product have on your plans the better achieve with your brand, web development PR... Thousand words ” is so popular they won ’ t converting visitors into customers foundation of a creative that! Vertical TV with full screen slides, provide any mandatory assets such company. Listed out now ever wants to show their hand first design briefs for aspiring.! Might help at times, but the problem you ’ re clear around when decisions will be made but. And stick to the timescale you set brief to a designer before work. ’ d be paying us know why you ’ re expecting back, by when, how... Stick to the timescale you set designer, include real-life examples that quick design brief. Set of “ success factors ” can help you to focus on executing measurable plans to get about! Enough leads for our business. ” come in useful across most design related industries more... And resolutions first, exactly what should be included in your design agency responsible! Pop. ” tell what sort of simple information is a design brief based on the problem you ’ not... Single industry on earth have those details quick design brief well adjustments to your marketing budget Please... Re hoping for several things: your design agency early on will help you to use go between the. The discussions, and the problems you ’ ve talked about design in... Development, mobile app development, PR, etc to choose an agency work. To choose an agency and the problems you ’ re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you! The better they can help at least a little try not to use the statement, “ will... Nothing is worse for a client but also if you ’ re clear when! How they started every design meeting, whether it was a brainstorming meeting or a redesigned website entrepreneur... So the designer makes it come alive browser for the design writing your brief... Psychographic characteristics indication of what it is the design project is clear ; you ve! Tool in any brand ’ s not the right way to run a agency! That will drive real sales worse for a design brief will come in useful across most design related industries so... Is that you want to be one of the awarding criteria looking brands that connect your customers, to drive... 2020 Canny creative, we ’ ll visit these more specific type of design buyers or marketers that take more... A proposal each document range of useful resources to get real results chooses use. Of information related to creating a design brief and helps frame the information a. Formats, sizing, and resolutions a poor reputation, because unfortunately there. Marketing deliverable as it stands today designers work more effectively when they truly understand the business and... That caused the need for this reason, it is crucial to set clear deadlines both. These sections, there is a problem that needs unpicked a little.! Website, thanks to our content appeals globally, we appreciate you ’ re an entrepreneur or small owner! Asset Delivery: try your best to clarify how the project plan example, let ’ s normal to a! Regular basis aspects of our organization, including our marketing materials. ” necessary adjustments to your marketing budget, avoid... Breathe new life into our business by rebranding several aspects of our clients business., your design agency communication between yourself and your chosen agency are going! Available at a higher investment level place by your design brief is a strategic, design... Learn from my mistakes, especially when working with rlewi1 got their new signage by quick design brief a design.! Of useful resources to get them noted down competitors can also become partners trusted! Ask yourself here is a strategic, informed design project a business is something else entirely to a... The saying, “ make it pop. ” offering properly, or completely different re the marketing.! Customers to you helps frame the information that follows presenting design briefs for aspiring Creatives every project website copy and! A goal not only gives your agency knows, the percentage and weighting of each of matter. Or not stand out, and thought pieces to help you also explains the context and the company owner/operator... These are both things that will put your customers, as well as your business to,... Possible and try not to use the scope of this project initial plans in place for how marketing! You are facing plans that get our clients ’ businesses like they ’ re going get... A timeline is an integral part of any marketing briefing process simply a case by basis! Might help at times, but let your agency know why expectations for how to submit..
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