The Dimplex’s controls are tucked away behind the from panel and may be advantageous if you plan to install the fireplace in a public area and want to avoid the general public from changing the settings. To learn what the glossy brochures don’t tell you watch this vlog for a side by side comparison, Napoleon NEFL50FH vs. Dimplex BLF5051. Our showroom features over 50 electric fireplaces, and our job is to advise clients on the differences. The Dimplex has a small spirit level and Robertson driver bit for those of you that don’t already have them. Overall size. Dimplex Revillusion fireboxes with mirage 3D flames. Electric Heating Solutions Backed by over 40 years of global expertise, Dimplex ® is a trusted name in electric heat, ensuring the highest quality, energy-efficiency and comfort. - Teddy Roosevelt Shop Weekly Save 15-50% on new gear. If you plan to recess your fireplace this is the first major difference between the two fireplaces. Dimplex offers multiple types of electric … It is safe and installs in minutes, creating endless design possi Three-dimensional logs glow with LED technology, but the best part is that they periodically sparkle and crack! NAPOLEON 50 in. We sell a large selection of fine fireplace, home and outdoor living merchandise. Their expert staff can advise on design and installation. The Napoleon Alluravision NEFL50CHD offers a lot of ‘bang for the buck’, so it’s ideal for clients who are on a tight budget. 99. This could be a showstopper for some. Another area where the Dimplex Ignite XLF50 surpasses the Napoleon Alluravision NEFL50CHD is in the heating options. The reason that the flames are only available in yellow is that Dimplex is focused on providing the most realistic flame possible. $164.99 $ 164. Find Dimplex electric fireplaces at Lowe's today. The Dimplex remote seemed slightly less responsive but that is a very minor point as most people will set and forget. Today, Dimplex manufactures some of the most realistic electric fireplace inserts and fireplaces on the market. Dimplex CDFI-TMHEAT Opti-myst Direct-Wire Heater. 6.0625”. We take pride in providing the best products available to our customers while keeping prices affordable. Compare. Visit your local Dimplex ® retailer to see our beautiful fireplaces first-hand.. Our network of Dimplex ® Specialty Hearth retailers have our stunning fireplaces on display so you can get the full experience before you buy. Visit us to view our full line of fireplaces. Dimplex is a member of the Glen Dimplex Group of Dublin, Ireland. You can keep the ember bed turned off, for a natural look, or add one or multiple colours under the dancing flames. Modern, traditional and contemporary designs. The Heat Boost function offers maximum output for a limited time, when you need warmth in a hurry. The Napoleon has a mounting bracket that is first screwed to the wall then the fireplace is hung onto the bracket. As the inventors of the modern electric fireplace, Dimplex ® guarantees unparalleled flame technology designed to suit any style, decor or application. Designing a truly 2-sided electric fireplace has been a challenge many electric fireplace manufacturers have been trying to overcome. The trim kit covers the part of the unit that projects from the wall, for a neat finish. 52.75” x 17.375” x 5.8125. on The best electric fireplaces for small rooms. The fireplace division of Napoleon manufactures gas and electric fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, gas & wood stoves. At The Fire Box we have been serving customers since 1980. Just plug it in, sit back and relax! Dimplex has been a leader in the electric fireplace industry since 1995 when it developed the first electric fireplace with a truly realistic "wood burning" flame effect. 4.) Recessing is beyond the scope of this article but there are some very good You Tube Video’s covering the basics. They manufacture great electric fireplaces to fit almost any room, build, decor, and budget, from a basic electric log set to an elaborate see-through or 3-sided electric fireplace. This worldwide company employs over 8,500 people and offers a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial units. The contents are almost identical with the Napoleon containing paintable cable covers for those of you that want to wall mount and are too lazy to make the trip to Home Hardware to buy the covers. The nod goes to the Napoleon as the mounting bracket makes it feel more sturdy. The large frame of this unit makes it quite the statement piece. Started looking at the best electric fireplace inserts and Dimplex came up time and time again. Napoleon uses 2 screws to attach a bracket which you hang the fireplace from. The Napoleon fits a standard Canadian stud wall, the Dimplex is deeper and you should have a plan for accommodating the extra depth before you buy this fireplace. There are significantly more colours available than the Napoleon. Both are large and heavy and need two people to carry and install. Dimplex keeps the flame colour constant and uses LED’s to chnage the colour of the ember bed. The Dimplex however, protrudes from the wall slightly further than the Napoleon. Choose from a wide range of firebox styles and sizes suited to match any project or go with a Dimplex electric fireplace insert - a fast, clean way to reclaim your old masonry fireplace. Both are excellent fireplaces and the differences are quite subtle but could, none the less be important to you. Both fireplaces are a two person install and take a bit of effort when it comes to hanging first the fireplace on the mountings, and then the glass front onto the fireplace (see the Napoleon NEFL50FH installation video). Dimplex has traditionally focused on softer, more realistic flames and has kept to using strictly orange colored flames. The Dimplex uses two screws which slot directly into holes in the back of the fireplace. If you plan to wall mount however this is not an issue. $ 325 00. When it comes to depth, slim is in. 51.5” x 16.875” x 5.875”. $ 1,699 99. The fact that the unit does not have a glass and the decorative logs just stay there in 3D gives you just a … Wall Mount Electric Fireplace in Black. Napoleon Alluravision NEFL50CHD. What are the most energy-efficient electric fireplaces? availability. These space-saving designs are a smart, fun way to add atmosphere to small or even open concept spaces. The Napoleon has an on screen display for the settings and touch screen controls on the front panel. Shop All. The Fireplace Man offers the best in fireplaces, grills and accessories in Houston, Texas. Either way both Napoleon NEFL50FH and the Dimplex BLF5051 are excellent choices. Find out more about this popular brand of electric fireplaces Common Dimplex Questions Dimplex is one of the most popular electric fireplace brands in the world. FREE Shipping. The Dimplex Prism 74-Inch Electric Fireplace - BLF7451 creates a dramatic effect for your home, office or business. Electric fireplaces are energy efficient, vent free, smoke free and come in a variety of shapes and styles to add value to your home. Napoleon. This could be a showstopper for some. With a room coverage of 400 feet, it provides ample electric heat, while the faux logs and realistic fire give the authentic feel of a real fireplace without the inconvenience.Available in a range of sizes, there’s a model for nearly every living space. The benefit of this approach is that you don’t sacrifice flame quality in order to fit the fireplace into a 2×4 wall. Shop Weekly Save 15-50% on new gear. Available in multiple sizes. On paper, both fireplaces have the same heating output. Shop for modern electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts from top brands like Napoleon, Majestic and Dimplex. /*
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