Kinesiology taping is an excellent way to capitalize on your hands-on efforts when working to reduce tone in muscular tissues. Stand far enough away to ensure a stretch is placed on the ankle/soleus within a tolerable range of motion. If you have a skin allergy to sports tape. The medial, or inside, head arises from the medial condyle of the back of your femur (thigh bone). Small slips of the muscle also arise from your fibular head and along the thin aponeurosis between your fibulaand tibia. The following calf taping techniques may be used to provide support for the calf and are particularly beneficial for patients suffering from injuries such as: Calf Strain (Soleus), Calf Strain (Gastrocnemius) or Calf Contusion. A pulled calf muscle refers to strains within the two muscles in the lower back of your leg that make up your calf. We would like to share this interesting story of a 27 year old lady who recently came into our Practice at Morphett Vale. The following calf taping techniques are designed to support and reduce stress on the calf muscle during activity. Popliteus injury tenderness is deep and often at the intersection of the two gastrocnemius heads or along medial proximal Achilles tendon. When a strain … It’s no wonder considering the amount of time we spend on our feet all day. #FakeNews Kinesiology Tape Can Fix Shin Splints. The skin should be cleaned removing any grease or sweat. Saved from The calf muscle can be taped to focus solely on the calf itself or as part of a larger unit of calf and Achilles tendon support. Discover (and save!) A calf strain involving the soleus muscle may also frequently occur due to gradual wear and tear associated with overuse. Emily* is a receptionist that plays social level Netball, she trains twice a week and plays 1 game of Netball a week. Predictors of calf injury are tough to find in the literature. Our experienced physiotherapists are updating PhysioAdvisor’s Members Only articles to include the most important information to help our members take control of their injury, hasten their recovery and save money on expensive physiotherapy consultations. Rocktape for Treatment of Soleus (calf) strain. The gastrocnemius is the larger muscle that is visible on the back of the leg, and the soleus is the smaller muscle that is lower down on the back of the leg and mostly underneath the gastrocnemius. There are many different tapes and bandages available for use by physiotherapists and patients. He or she will also evaluate the flexibility, alignment, range of motion and reflexes of your foot and ankle. By providing a continuous external stimulus to the tissues you have just been encouraging to relax, you will significantly increase both the benefits and duration of your work. The tape should be removed slowly, pulling the tape back on itself with pressure placed on the skin as close as possible to the line of attachment of the tape. Soleus pain from running is most often caused by mild muscle strain or overuse injury. /* 336x280, large square txt created 11/24/08 */ There is inflammation. Low irritant Fixomull tape should be applied as an underlay to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation with rigid sports tape over the top of this. Saved by KT Tape. google_ad_height = 280; A few days after the injury, bruising will appear below where the partial tear has occurred. Gastrocnemius, or calf muscle, injuries include strains, tears, and tendonitis. In football, they usually happen when a player quickly tries to reach the ball. They’re called the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. I will stick to my compression socks, I can feel the difference if I don't wear them. Increased distance or added hill work; 3. A runner comes into the clinic and complains of sharp pain or intense tightening low down in the calf, but above the Achilles. Generally, it is recommended that the lower leg is shaved 12 hours prior to taping (to prevent painful removal of hairs and skin irritation). This will help to reduce ischemia, resistance to stretch and any irritation to nociceptors that may be sending aberrant sensory input back to the brain. The soleus is a calf muscle that is essential for a variety of daily activities, such as standing, running, and balancing. Do 2 to 5 straight lines adjacent to each other depending on the size of the calf and the amount of support required (each layer may overlap adjacent layers for increased support). Symptoms. Tape Tension: 25% Tissue Stretch: Yes Objective: To reduce tone in the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. Unlike the gastrocnemius the soleus is considered low risk for injury. It crosses only the You may think that these are the same thing, but they are actually quite different and the treatment to correct the conditions is just as different. ©2020 PhysioAdvisor. Generally tape should be removed within 48 hours of tape application, or sooner, if there is any increase in pain or symptoms (including skin irritation or itchiness). This may be due to activities such as distance running, repetitive jumping or walking excessively (especially up hills or on uneven surfaces). The soleus muscle originates from the back side of your upper tibia, or shin bone. A muscle application (MA) of just 25% to both the gastoc and the soleus will provide a mild degree of stimuli to the muscles to relax when applied from insertion to origin. I have not idea if it helped. When a muscle is hypertonic, it means that there is increased neural drive, shortening the muscle fibers, creating an overlapping of sarcomeres. They can be used for both the treatment and prevention of calf strains and calf contusions and are often used in combination with other techniques to reduce stress on the calf such as: the use of heel wedges, Achilles tendon taping or the use of crutches to ensure pain free activity. The soleus muscle courses down the back of your lower leg and is located just beneath your larger gastrocnemius muscle. It begins on the back of the leg below the knee and extends … Find a physiotherapist in your local area who can help with calf taping. A very common complaint you hear from patients, runners in particular, is … In some instances though, taping during high-risk activity (such as some sports) may still be recommended. When used correctly, calf taping techniques can be used to: It is generally beneficial to tape the calf in the following instances: Calf taping should be avoided in the following instances: Weaning off calf tape in general activity is usually recommended as strength, range of movement, function and balance improves and symptoms reduce. google_ad_client = "pub-1345712785979141"; google_ad_slot = "8971266011"; Our calves bear the brunt of so much load and impact. The reality is that the muscles of the calf are typically not actually tight, but rather ‘hypertonic’. KT Tape Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape. Pain is felt deep the calf and recurs on repeated loading. the foot and toes should be approximately perpendicular to the lower leg), start the tape at the lower third of the calf. The calf muscles consist of two muscles: the gastrocnemius and the soleus. The SpiderTech Ankle Spider is a precut kinesiology tape for the calf, Achilles tendon and sole of the foot. The following video demonstrates an application for supporting a calf strain or reducing tone in the calves. Pain is triggered when the foot is plantar flexed against resistance eg. Normal walking, and usually aggravated more attempting to … However, when the purpose is to restrict undesired motion, only adhesive, non-stretch (rigid) sports tape is appropriate. What our objective should be, rather than just lengthening the tissue, is to decrease the level of tone that is being communicated by the brain to the muscles. google_ad_width = 336; Pain/discomfort can be felt after the activity, and can last from between 2-5 days In a Grade 1 degree strain: The pain is immediate. Some or all of the following taping techniques may be applied to tape the calf and provide the support required for the individual. Feb 14, 2014 - This is a demonstration of how to tape a torn calf / calf strain injury with Kinesio sports strapping tape. A very common complaint you hear from patients, runners in particular, is that they have “tight” calves. The lateral head on the outside part of your lower leg arises from the lateral condyle of your femur. Aid healing of certain injuries (such as a, Allow an earlier return to sport or activity following injury, Reduce the likelihood of injury aggravation. When used correctly, calf taping techniques can be used to: Aid healing of certain injuries (such as a Calf Strain (Soleus), Calf Strain (Gastrocnemius) or Calf Contusion) Allow an earlier return to sport or activity following injury Reduce the likelihood of injury aggravation Become a PhysioAdvisor Member and gain full access to our complete Health, Injury, Exercise and Diagnostic Guide Database. Perform two sets of 10 touches. Mild sprains can be treated at home, while more serious strains require medical attention. A very common complaint you hear from patients, runners in particular, is … They both form the Achilles tendon and attach on the posterior aspect of your c… [CDATA[ 47. Pain is felt on the side of the calf after activity. This should always be used in combination with hypoallergenic tape as an underlay, such as Fixomull. A little tight for a week or so; 4. found that a lower extremity injury in the previous 12 months was a risk factor for a knee injury, and that an injury at another location (hip, groin, thigh, knee, ankle, or/and foot) was a risk factor for calf injury (8). Soleus strains Strains of the soleus vary in reported occurrence from rare to common [3, 5, 8, 9]. We are happy to extend the conference special rate of $300 until Friday night for our weekend workshop at Bancroft School of Massage on April 11-12. Tissue Stretch: Yes. Keeping the foot and ankle in a neutral position (i.e. These muscles are particularly vulnerable to strains injuries. This lesson will discuss the symptoms and treatment of each as they relate to the gastrocnemius muscle. If the muscles were actually ‘tight’ you would have limited mobility in your range. your own Pins on Pinterest. (For calf taping 38mm is usually the most appropriate size). The muscles can feel tight and ache when stretched. Care should be taken when removing the tape to avoid injury aggravation or skin damage. The following video demonstrates an application for supporting a calf strain or reducing tone in the calves. Minimise the likelihood of calf injuries during high risk sports (such as netball, basketball, football, soccer, squash, tennis, running or sprinting etc.). I wore it for three days and then removed it. Tape Tension: 25%. The muscle then courses down the back of your leg and joins the deeper soleus muscle. As a special thanks to all the amazing people who came by the Bon Vital/Performance Health booth at the AMTA New England Regional Conference this past weekend, we have decided to extend our ‘conference special’. For more information see Become a Member. Aug 20, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by KT Tape. The muscles gastrocnemius and soleus, commonly referred to as the calf muscles, are located on the back of the lower leg. In most cases, runners don‘t feel a sudden twinge – just tightening that decreases whe… How KT Tape can help calf injury. We look forward to an exciting and fun weekend with all of you! Tear Strain: a force tending to pull or stretch something to an extreme or damaging degree Tear: a hole or a split in something caused by it having been pulled apart forcefully Grading Calf Strains--All muscle strains are grade 1-3 based on disability, physical finding, and pathologic correlation Soleus strain treatment depends on the severity of the injury. Soleus muscle strain or injury can make it very difficult to perform daily tasks and recreational activities. Generally, they should only be applied provided they are comfortable and do not cause an increase in pain, discolouration, pins and needles, numbness or excessive redness of the lower leg, foot or ankle. Taping a calf muscle with athletic tape can prevent strain-related injury, but it can also ease the pain once the injury has occurred. //--> The two muscles j… The history is typically as follows: 1. With any type of calf strain, you might be able to feel an area of muscle tissue that is especially tight or tender, either by palpitating with your fingers or rolling on a stiff foam roller or PVC pipe. A strain, which is strained stretch or tear to to a muscle or tendon, to the soleus is caused by strenuous exercise and improper body alignment. The middle part of the gastrocnemius muscle is most often injured. Soleus muscle injury may be underreported due to misdiagnosis as thrombophlebitis or lumping of soleus strains with strains of the gas-trocnemius [9, 10]. We have had few people inquire this week about the special we had offered and if it was too late. They can be used for both the treatment and prevention of calf injuries. All Rights Reserved. Tenderness for soleus injury is palpated deep and often distal to the muscle bellies of the gastrocnemius on either medial or lateral leg. Severe conditions such as DVT (deep venous thrombosis – blood … Everyone will recover from calf injuring at a different rate, but using KT Tape can help to relieve calf pain*. If you have certain injuries such as some fractures (this should be discussed with the treating physiotherapist). With further training, symptoms progress to an intense tightening in the area described above. If you would like to link to this article on your website, simply copy the code below and add it to your page: Calf taping techniques are designed to support and reduce stress on the calf during activity. When a muscle is ‘tight’, the thought process is that you need to stretch the muscle so it lengthens through a full range of motion. A calf strain can occur due to a one-time overstretching or overworking of the calf (acute injury) or it can occur from repetitive use of the calf over time (overuse injury). Forward cone reaches – Stand on the affected leg and slowly reach the hands forward toward the cone, allowing the hip, knee and ankle to bend. //
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