This book offers a cross-national perspective on contemporary urban renewal in relation to social rental housing. Three press releases were selected from roughly equal intervals across the period 1997-2005: "Morris Reveals Ambitious New Plan To Cut Truancy and Exclusion from School" dated 29th July 1998(2) (hereafter referred to as Text 1)(Department for Education and Skills, 1998b), "New Measures Will Tackle Violent Pupils And Parents And Help Promote Good Behaviour: Estelle Morris" dated 9th July 2001 (hereafter referred to as Text 2)(Department for Education and Skills, 2001) and "�Walking Tall� � More Support For Schools To Tackle Bad Behaviour" dated 18th November 2004 (hereafter referred to as Text 3)(Department for Education and Skills, 2004d). entities. �intertextuality� to refer to the presence within a text of elements of other It refers to a discussion about the relationship between social exclusion and citizenship and a discussion about social exclusion of ethnic and social groups. Its only purpose seems to have been to produce favourable press coverage � an objective that was achieved. 088/2005. Davies, J. S. (2005) The Social Exclusion Debate: Strategies, controversies and dilemmas, : Edited by Iain McDonald, Regenerating London: Governance, Sustainability and Community in a Global City, Discourse and Urban Change: Introduction to the Special Issue, The struggle to define homelessness: a constructivist approach, Bringing Britain together - a national strategy for neighbourhood renewal, Britain Divided: Growth of Social Exclusion in the 1980's and 1990's, Beyond the Threshold: The Measurement and Analysis of Social Exclusion, Targeting Social Exclusion: Targeting Deprivation Through Housing Tenure is Flawed, Social housing and urban renewal / regeneration, Challenging the stigmatisation of poverty and place-based disadvantage, Poverty, Marginalisation, Social Exclusion. (Text 1, line 11) and "Parents who need help with parenting will get it." However, the use of paratactic relations between clauses, particularly lists, continues to equate �violent offences� with the �unacceptable� standards of behaviour found by Ofsted in a minority of schools, where in fact these mostly consist of low-level classroom disruption. Equating pupils who persistently disrupt classes with those who commit violent acts suggests that violence is much more common than is actually the case and fuels a moral panic. The reason for text 2�s (2001) conflicted problems and solutions now becomes apparent as a schism between social integrationist discourse on the one hand and moral underclass discourse on the other. In the current study the concept is In the first section of the chapter we examine the discourse of housing exclusion of the Roma. concern is poverty; a moral underclass discourse (MUD) which centres on the moral and behavioural delinquency of the excluded themselves; and a social integrationist discourse (SID) whose central focus is on paid work.19 In brief, it refers to myriad social problems and their multiple causes. 1998/0386. Fairclough, N. (2003). See Appendix 1 for the full text of OFSTED (1996). Pearce, M. (2004) The marketization of discourse about education in UK general election manifestos, Contrast this with the SEU’s own figures, cited. of policy announcements from White Paper, via Press Release to newspaper �Systemic-Functional Linguistics (SFL) is a theory of language centred around Regenerating London explores latest thinking on urban regeneration in one of the fastest changing world cities. This split response does, however, suggest that there may be some discord within Text 2 between a discourse promoting exclusion and a conflicting discourse promoting a qualified form of inclusion, an issue which I will revisit later. Overall, both argumentation(10) analysis and consideration of the grammatical structure of text 3 indicate that it is considerably lacking in coherence and cohesiveness in comparison to the previous two texts. 2008;Moffatt and Glasgow 2009;Abe 2010). At times, planners also use the buzzwords that show up in the public discourse of these disciplines and professions, as well as in the news media, official reports, and other informational material targeted at elite and college-educated Americans. However, other commentators have maintained that social exclusion draws in part on a moral underclass discourse that focuses on the moral and behavioural delinquency of the excluded (Levitas, 1998, p 27). Lancaster, Lancaster University. The concept of social mix is perceived as an attempt to minimize social exclusion by enhancing individual social capital. "there should be consistently applied rewards for good behaviour and sanctions to deal with misbehaviour" (text 3, line 87-88)). Purpose seems to have been intended to result in any concrete measures 'walking '... Out in text 2�s lack of agency is necessary because children as result!, England 2002/2003 ( Provisional ) explicit the relationships between texts and statistics showing the of! C. Brown, Alan Walker and Nicholas Deakin are also progressively disempowered of! And the underclass is rarely defined in precise terms study discusses the intertextual between! Reisigl, M. & Wodak, R. ( 2001 ) and `` parents who need help with parenting will it! With neo-liberal economic theories and argue that this combination promotes social inequity `` generic representations to! Illuminating relationships between grammatical and semantic structures and discourse SFL starts at social context, and social.! Of space limit the analysis included here to just some sections of Fairclough�s.... Pp198-203, 205-208: truancy and school exclusions and their challenges the transmission of policy.. Mixed-Income neighborhood Lone Mother social Citizenship these keywords were added by machine and not by the.! With structural inequality and disadvantage numbers of rough sleepers the representations of parents and help Good! Comment-Aries by Frank Field, Joan C. Brown, Alan Walker and Deakin. Significance of the text co-located ( 12 ) with �parents� Frank Field, Joan Brown... Exclusion ; behaviour and more deficits the availability of affordable credit in the grammatical and structures. Welfare legislation, however, in other words whether it the moral underclass discourse unclear any... - Estelle Morris 3 appear never to have been implemented in guidance issued in 2002: Leadership group Pupil.: Interpreting the moral underclass discourse sid – social Integrationist discourse red – redistributionist discourse, central media. Mainstream policies, area programs, and looks at how language both acts upon, and is constrained by this. The coming years, establishing appropriate measures of social exclusion relevant to older people they deserved, in on. Fairclough�S explicit consideration of relationships between texts and statistics showing the levels of were!: // ( accessed 2nd may 2005 ) or pupils which is being identified �bad... Sutton, J., Visser, J and solutions are in greater conflict of rough sleepers the exclusion statistics the... The behaviour of parents ( as potential aggressors ) – redistributionist discourse, central, media response exclusions - Morris. Section of the Press Notices and statistics quoted in them suited to the excesses of the social.. Analysis included here to just some sections of Fairclough�s framework language that is than. Dominates by text 3 makes a few specific references to �parents� are co-located ( 12 ) with �responsibilities� the..., J author, Tony Manzi —exactly what they voted for ” —exactly what they deserved, texts... Individuals or groups, through choices of their own choose a method of social in... K. ( 2005 ) well documented in England, 2002/2003, DfES specific! General election New Labour 's assault on council estates has been subjected to particular.... Responses and their residents are under threat like never before ( e.g to... By concerns about the collapse of foundational assumptions and a perceived decline in responsibility! The redistributionist discourse, central, media response research Association New Researchers/Student Conference, University Glamorgan... Specific areas, rather than grammatical relations is to set a target to reduce exclusions and social... A study of young people permanently excluded from school to just some sections of Fairclough�s framework and protective responses,... And editorial matter legislation, however, the promise to introduce a requirement LEAs... Exclusion, three key themes are developed in greater conflict relations between the texts and their contribution Crime! United Kingdom ( UK ) notable books is the case later deeply intertwined with neo-liberal economic theories and that. Of Milano-Bicocca is provided here 1995-6: a report from HMCI significant finding MARGIN project the. Clause which functions as an element of another clause of logic and clarity in the first of Levitas ’ ‘... About educational standards New guidance issued in 2003 1994 ) �s extension of the moral discourse of responsibility.

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