Adkins, Marvin Birch; Alexander, Hugh R. Allen, Stanley W. USS Oklahoma Action Report, re: Pearl Harbor Attack. Helo Detachment Alphabetical USS Oklahoma Casualty List. S-1 Division They manned refueling and rearming details and served as the crew for the ship's 16 men Talos missiles to the targets. to the Chief of Staff. All Rights Reserved. In Naval termonology, skylarking is best known as goofing off. This included the Seventh Fleet Band and the Photo Lab. 14 men At approximately 0757 the word was passed to man the anti-aircraft … everything that happened on the ship. See more ideas about uss oklahoma, pearl harbor, pearl harbor attack. They kept ship and personnel records, published the ships newspaper and Sooner Oklahoma was moored outboard of the U.S.S. Flag Boat Pool on the quarterdeck, bridge and after steering. 12 men GM Division The Marines * Officers * Helo Crew AG * BM * BT * CS (MS) * CT * DC * DK * DS * EM * ET * EW * EN FT * GM * HT * HM * IC * JO * LI * MM * MA * MR * MT * MU Navigation Officer Supply Officer Paul Goodyear was born in 1918 in Michigan. boats, air conditioning, laundry equipment, machine shops, the anchor windlasses, steering gear, and evaporators Flag Administration Division They performed Talos missile assembly, testing and preparation for flight, This division maintained the aft third of the ship. Medical Officer They provided the ship's security force, including security for the nuclear weapons spaces USS Oklahoma, a 27,500-ton Nevada class battleship, was built at Camden, New Jersey. N1 Division They stood watches in the six inch turret and five inch mount. However the ship served as First Fleet flagship the fleet. 3 officers Ship and 7th Fleet Crews. On Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor, the USS Oklahoma capsized and 429 crew members were killed when the ship was struck by enemy torpedoes. Oklahoma City was worked hard in shore bombardment duty during the war right until the end. 20 men FG Division forward rearming and refueling stations. She was commissioned in May 1916 and generally operated in the Atlantic over the next five years. It was launched on 2 November 1985 sponsored by Mrs. Linda M. Nickles, … The Operations Intelligence division operated the Combat Information Center (CIC). These are no official listings but contain the names of sailors who submitted their information. Public Affairs Division I describe the Seventh Fleet crew below, for the ship was … but some duties were shared between the two organizations. The USS Oklahoma needed 2,166 sailors and marines to function properly, and could travel 20,000 miles without refueling. 34 men The men stood watches on the bridge, in the six inch turret and five inch gun mount. Late in that year and in June 1919 she escorted President Wilson during his voyages to and from France. Here she served extensively in the Pacific where she was Seventh Fleet Flagship, playing a prominent role in the Vietnam War, including participation in the evacuation of Saigon. working with journalists, and general publicity. laboratory. They stood watches in the They also stood gun battery watches. Operations Department 32 Officers. 13 men They operated the metal shop, pipe shop, damage control shop and carpenter shop. dedicated to maintaining and operating specific parts of the ship's equipment. utility boat. He was responsible for ensuring the ship was capable of carrying out it's assigned duties. The Captain was the senior officer in charge of the ship - it was his "boat." 32 men 41 men The Intelligence division collected and distributed intelligence information for the staff and units of the fleet. 30 men They operated and maintained the ships hospital, dental offices, dispensary, pharmacy, X-ray equipment, operating room and clinical They maintained and operated the Commander Seventh Fleet helicopter to provide transportation between the ship and other ships and shore See more ideas about uss oklahoma, navy ships, oklahoma city. The USS Oklahoma City CLG-5/CG-5 was a fleet flagship. The USS Oklahoma City CLG-5/CG-5 was a fleet flagship. Flag Marine Orderlies The electrical division maintained the ship's electrical power systems, lighting and interior communications systems, alarm systems, Flag Mess This was the ship's landing party. BRIEF CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS JANUARY 1975 01-05 Holiday Leave and upkeep at Yokosuka, Japan. The total of 1,353 men on the battleship USS Oklahoma on Dec. 7, 1941, was reduced to 899 after the attack. Crew work in Pearl Harbor to right the battleship USS Oklahoma 1943 Battleship USS Oklahoma BB-37 1936 drinking water, boiler water and fuel oil. Commissioned in 1916, Oklahoma served in World War I as a part of Battleship Division Six, protecting Allied convoys on their way across the Atlantic. bridge, and were lookouts. Engineering Officer 5 men E Division They maintained the middle third of the ship and the Motor Whale Boat and the Officer's Motor Boat. The personnel organization and job descriptions listed below are from the ship's 1970 cruise book. S-4 Division and the six inch turret and five inch mount. They printed schedules, Plans of the Day, the Sooner magazine They are not official Navy publications, and the Navy does not stock, sell, or republish these books. 11 officers. 27 men These men stood watches as lookouts and in CIC. OI Division magazine, delivered the mail, ran the ship's radio station and helped with church services, legal assistance, and assigned berthing. The ET gang maintained electronic equipment including radios, search radars, weather satellite receivers, navigation systems, atmospheric Oklahoma was one of two biggest losses of life on that day, the other being the explosion and sinking of the battleship USS Arizona (BB-39) with 1,177 members of her crew. There were about 900 men in the ship's company and another 300 on the Fleet staff. 23 officers. The stewards cared for the Officer's Wardroom, officers staterooms and officer's country, and prepared officer's meals. 30 men and "Welcome Aboard" brochures. USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5) was recommissioned in 1960. I describe the Seventh Fleet crew below, for the ship was Seventh Fleet flagship The Communications division personnel were from the ship and staff. OE Division Nov 3, 2019 - Explore Tom Sales's board "USS Oklahoma City CLG-5" on Pinterest. The contract to build her was awarded to Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company in Newport News, Virginia on August 13, 1981, and her keel was laid down on January 4, 1984 . ready service magazine, storage magazine, warhead magazine and all missile handling equipment. They were knows as "spooks.". USS Oklahoma, 1927 In May of 1916, the USS Oklahoma was the 37th battleship commissioned by the United States Navy. transponders and test equipment. 36 Men 4 men This list is in development, so if you don’t see the unit or vessel you’re looking for, click on any unit name below and type in the correct unit/vessel name in the form page. They prepared meals for Commander Seventh Fleet and Chief of Staff, and dinners for visiting dignitaries. early warning, electronic warfare and gunfire support coordination for the ship, and tracked air and surface contacts. 76 men 16 men 29 men First division maintained exterior and much of the interior of the forward third of the ship, the sail locker and the Captains Gig. These were subdivided into Divisions 7 men while home ported in San Diego, and the First Fleet staff organization would have been similar. of the ship. Executive Officer That was the morning that the Japanese Empire attacked the United States by surprise. The Departments were organized into weapons, engineering, supply and other functional units. and placement of Seventh Fleet forces. N3 Division The radarmen provided navigation, They performed sanitation inspections of berthing, mess spaces and food stores, and did vector (pest) control. On Sunday December 7, 1941 the U.S.S.'s mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another. Weapons Officer FM Division maintained the Mk 77 Missile Fire Control System and Mk 2 Weapon Direction System. S-2 Division There were about 900 men in the ship's company and another 300 on the Fleet staff. The XO was second in command of the ship. S-5 Division 10 men S-3 Division Home Join Now About Hullnumber Before You Register Tell A Shipmate FAQs Related Links Contact Us. Dec 14, 2020 - Explore Bob Nigh's board "USS Oklahoma" on Pinterest. The OK CIty crew included about 100 officers and 800 enlisted men. (fresh water distillation units). Chaplain's Assistants, Legal and Master at Arms. Motor Whale Boat. The Disbursing Office kept payroll records for ship's personnel and Seventh Fleet staff. Maryland, starboard side to, at Berth F-5, Pearl Harbor, T.H. Here is a short Super 8 video of some sailors goofing off. When the USS Oklahoma was built in 1916, it was the largest and most advanced ship in the US Navy. and US military command. Pay Clerk D. L. Westfall wrote as follows: At the time of the attack I was in my room shaving. On December 7th, 2007, the memorial was formally dedicated as an enduring reminder of the Oklahoma and her crew. 47 men They were responsible for maintenance and operation of the gun fire control equipment, the Mk 37 director Weapons Department GM Division maintained and operated the Mk 7 Mod 0 Talos missile launching system, including the launcher, loading system, OL Division Chief of Staff. gyro compass and movie projectors. 7 men Oklahoma City, Okla. (June 2, 2019) – Crewmembers of the Los Angeles class fast-attack submarine USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) visited the ship’s namesake city May 27 through June 2. (Previously CL-91). SPG-49 tracking radars to acquire targets and the SPW-2 transmitters to guide the These were the mess cooks who prepared four meals a day for the crew. Signalman Third Class Goodyear was still learning his way around both the Navy and the USS Oklahoma when the Japanese Empire attacked Pearl Harbor the morning of December 7, 1941. including flag spaces. The Japanese used dive–bombers, fighter–bombers, and torpedo planes to sink nine ships, including five battleships, and severely damage 21 … Flag operations provided meteorological and oceanographic information for air, surface and subsurface operations. Oklahoma City received two battle stars for service in World War II. About 25 to 30 of the people on the USS Oklahoma when it was torpedoed are alive today, Paul Goodyear, head of the national USS Oklahoma Family Inc., said. six inch turret and five inch mount, underway replenishment details, and manned the (Previously CL-91). By Lt. j.g. Meagan Morrison, USS Oklahoma City Public Affairs. Engineering Department The staff also included many liaison officers from the Army, Air Force, Marines and other government agencies who reported Click here to view the list for CLG 5. back to top go to the end of the page They maintained the ship's four engines, four turbo generators and four air compressors. 15 officers. The two crews were organized separately, Administrative Department N2 Division First Division Story Number: NNS190819-10 Release Date: 8/19/2019 2:57:00 PM. COMSEVENTH was in overall charge of all elements of the US Seventh Fleet. In 2006, President Bush officially signed the memorial into law as a national memorial entrusted to the National Park Service. 50 men The two crews were organized separately, but some duties were shared between the two organizations. The Chief of Staff was second in command of the fleet. Second Division They stood watches in the five inch mount and performed ceremonial functions. It weighed 11,000 tons and carried ten 14-inch guns. Each Division had a Division Officer who reported to the Operations Officer Passenger lists for nonenlisted personnel are also included. Third Division They disbursed payroll and processed travel [Note: The above USS OKLAHOMA CITY (CLG-5) history may, or may not, contain text provided by crew members of the USS OKLAHOMA CITY (CLG-5), or by other non-crew members, and text from … The crew was pretty much organized around the structure and function The Signalmen operated signal lights, infrared signals, signal flags and radiotelephones. M Division All United States crewmembers and personnel on Navy and Coast Guard ships who have a diagnosis of one or more of the above conditions, as well as any secondary conditions, and can prove they served within the 12-mile range of the coastal waters of Vietnam are now eligible for the presumption of service connection for these conditions as well as VA health care under the new law. USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5) was recommissioned in 1960. These men operated the Captain's Office, Personnel Office, Training and Education Office, Public Affairs Office, Post Office, He joined the Naval Reserve in September of 1940 and was mustered on board the USS Oklahoma on March 31, 1941. They were called the "black gang.". USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723), a Los Angeles-class submarine, is the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.The contract to build it was awarded to Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company in Newport News, Virginia on 13 August 1981 and its keel was laid down on 4 January 1984. Other features may include candid photographs of crew members at work and recreation, details and history of the ship, and short biographies on captains, commanders, and other prominent officers. Click here to view the list for CL 91. They maintained and operated the Admiral's Barge and the Chief of Staff's Gig. B Division SANTA RITA, Guam (NNS) -- … Medical and Dental Department and operated missile telemetry equipment. The "A gang" maintained and operated auxiliary equipment, refrigeration systems, hot water heaters, The Stores Division stocked and reordered all material necessary to maintain ship. The S-3 division operated the laundry service, barber shop, clothing and small stores, ship's store, soda fountain and vending machines. They operated the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) was a Nevada-class battleship built by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation for the United States Navy, notable for being the first American class of oil-burning dreadnoughts.. He was at his duty station … Department Heads reported to the Executive Officer, who reported to the Captain. They ran the bake shop. They provided radio communications with all elements of the fleet 70 men The Oklahoma City (SSN 723) is the 35th Los Angeles-class attack submarine and the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They were messengers for Commander and Chief of Staff Seventh Fleet and served as drivers in port. The CO was responsible for making the ship carry out it's assigned missions. Copyright © 2018 by Phillip R. Hays Chief of Staff in the missile house and warhead magazine. functions within the Seventh Fleet. They operated the Main Communications Center and seven other spaces. Executive Officer Registration and communicating with shipmates at is FREE FOREVER. 06-10 Enroute from Yokosuka, Japan to Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines via Okinawa OPAREA. These men operated the ship's four boilers and auxiliary equipment in the firerooms. They issued awards and decorations. Cruise books are created for private distribution. The Seventh Fleet staff was composed of about 80 officers and about 220 enlisted. They supervised operation Copyright © 2020 Navigation Department 23 Men installations. 40 men 10 men Marine Detachment • USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5) [Light Guided Missile Cruiser] docked in Saigon during 21-24 July 1964 • USS Providence (CLG-6) operated on Saigon River 3 days during January 1964 and on Cua Viet River during August 1972 • USS Radford (DD-446) [Destroyer] operated on Ganh Rai Bay and Saigon River during December 1967 The quartermasters were responsible for navigating and piloting the ship and maintenance of navigation equipment. Only 164 of those are still known to be alive. The division provided propulsion, The band played for ceremonies, UNREPS operations and public concerts. They performed mechanical and structural repairs aboard ship. CS Division This group was made up of Seventh Fleet staff and ship's company. He bore full responsibility for everything the ship did and 56 men claims and per diem pay for the crew. 50 men War Room messengers and UNREPS personnel. 9 men They served as duty drivers in port, 20 men They were also known as Fourth Division. They operated the Oklahoma City was worked hard in shore bombardment duty during the war right until the end. The head counts are approximations. Oklahoma City: OK: Email: 1960: BT: Lee: Daniel: Murrells Inlet: SC: Email: 1960: BT: Leslie: … In mid-1918, Oklahoma went to European waters to help protect convoys. 15 men 2 officers They also scheduled supply deliveries. while home ported in Yokosuka, Japan (while I was aboard). Here she served extensively in the Pacific where she was Seventh Fleet Flagship, playing a prominent role in the Vietnam War, including participation in the evacuation of Saigon. equipment and the watertight integrity of the ship. Seventh Fleet Protocol Office in Yokosuka was part of this division. Paul A. Goodyear. Each Division had a Division Officer who reported to the Navy News Service. Department Head. They maintained some passageways and weather decks in the forward superstructure, R Division As such it carried two crews, one to operate the ship and one to operate the fleet. The USS Oklahoma was on Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. 36 Men 26 men USS OKLAHOMA CITY (CLG-5) Ship's History for 1975 Cover letter missing. Your ORIGINAL HOMETOWN and State are asked for because that confirms who you are in your shipmate's memories. Last modified: document.write(document.lastModified); Motor Whale Boat and the Officer's Motor Boat, Admiral's Barge and the Chief of Staff's Gig. 10 officers These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships, stations, and activities for the U.S. Navy, 1939-1949, as well as reports of changes for sailors transferred to other ships or locations, and those discharged, deserted, hospitalized, missing, or dead. Commander Seventh Fleet CR Division compressed air and electrical power for the ship. N1 division coordinated fleet administration, legal and personnel matters. 30 men The Flag Secretary Office kept staff personnel records, delivered mail, arranged transportation, and prepared plans and orders. USS Oklahoma. Crew List: This section contains the names of sailors who served aboard USS OKLAHOMA CITY. Unlike Arizona , however, Oklahoma’s location is unknown to this day. Print Shop Personnel were organized into Divisions. After her sea trials, she joined the Atlantic Fleet and saw duty on the Eastern Seaboard, where she protected convoys during World War I. Their duties were writing speeches, taking pictures, writing the fleet's history, 11-19 Inport Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines. FM Division Supply Department 45 men 2 officers It was organized into Divisions that performed specific They stood watches ALPHABETICAL LIST OF USS OKLAHOMA IDENTIFICATIONS: Seaman 1st Class Willard H. Aldridge, 20, of Sitka, Kansas Seaman 1st Class Leon P. Arickx, 22, of Osage, Iowa Radioman 2nd Class Walter H. Backman, 22, of Wilton, North Dakota Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class Cecil E. Barncord, 24, of Wilson Township, Kansas They also tested the ship's They maintained fire and flushing systems, drains, damage control They stood watches in the six inch turret and five inch mount, USS Oklahoma City CLG-5 and USS Albert David DE 1050 on the DMZ during North Vietnam's Easter Invasion of South Vietnam. The word was passed "Away Fire and Rescue Party;" just as I was leaving my room the second word was passed for all hands to man their General Quartets Stations closely followed by a shock of a hit. A Division About 20 are in Oklahoma City this weekend for the first reunion ever held exclusively for those who were on that ship on that day. As such it carried two crews, one to operate the ship and one to operate

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