Plus I’ve had to repaint the bathroom — Cameo White, eggshell — three times in 5 years because it gets spotty from the humidity and doesn’t clean well. BTW the BM brushes and roller covers are just rebranded woosters. Because I’m as avid a cook as I am a painter, I need paint that will hold up to my “creative” cooking and necessary scrubbing. I’m also creatively challenged as someone previously posted, and it’s just easier to look in a magazine and say “That’s it, that’s the color I want.” and then be able to get it. We used Aura for exterior paint on cedar shingles. I have had MUCH better experiences with cheap Ace Hardware paint. I love Benjamin Moore and have found it worth the money. I just used the WaterBorne Ultra Flat Ceiling paint on another long hallway.. and they AIN’T KIDDING.. this stuff is SUPER flat.. They said they had never seen anything like this previously but in talking to other people who have used BM products apparently color change is not that uncommon. Cloverdale Paint Details. Elastomerics. Do you use the same painting techniques with CK as you do with Aura? “You have to commit to the roll. I personally like the way the paint levels and goes on thin yet with opacity, eliminating the orange peel effect you get with paints with a lot of filler in them. After over a year on the wall still does this. They will never be exactly the same. For someone like me with 3 kids under the age of 7,(two of which are boys), this is nice since I prefer a matte finish but could never get it before with the kids, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. I thought perhaps I was having a paint shear problem, so I tried out a 311 tip (which is in the spec of the TDS from BM), and still had awful results. I don’t know where you are buying your paint but stop and go somewhere else – these prices are crazy. They at least should warn the non-pro’s to not use any tape. I’ve had nothing but good experiences using BM aura myself and also when I hired people to do work as well. The white is a dingy white compared to the behr, I only used the Bm on 2 doors. This totally frustrated me but I had just paid for a big job and had to deal with it. Most of our products have TDS. Now a painter is anyone with a van and a few hundred dollars and and internet connection to the you tubes. Thank you for your advice! Some folks have stated that F&B doesn’t last well, if you scrub it it gets scuffed etc. Hey Sandra, I think its great for a teenager to take ownership over their living space, and as far as means of expression this one of the healthier ways! Business grew steadily as people discovered the quality and personal service that Rudy offered. It is twice as expensive as other brands, but in my opinion, the quality is incomparable. I noted the Color Stories full spectrum seemed brighter than the C2 which, in the blues/grays/greens seemed more earth tone color. FYI – I did a 10 year test on Pratt & Lambert (now carried by Sears) and Benjamin Moore interior paints. It requires a little more care in application than the aura line, but all in all it went on and looks great. To be honest no one can afford it unless the product warrants the cost. In an effort to continue providing accurate information, we’ve updated this post, and conducted additional testing. Is it worth the cost? I’ll just add two things. It took two coats and over rolling the paint application to get adquate coverage over the primer. The paint we used was benjamin moore aura matte finish- color -dove white. So I’m thinking of using satin instead of eggshell. And that was a traditional rectangular room with 8 ft. high walls. From what I have seen Benjamin Moore paints have more pigment in them. I could come up to your building and tell if it was BM just by glazing my finger on the paint. Kid finger/hand marks were immediate and no washing helped. brush and roller marks, texture imperfections). Probably also using a tiny 9″ roller and rolling in the wrong direction. Wish me luck: the perfectionist in me is reading up and practicing/doing prep already. (Retail price $40-50) I also have a half-full gallon of green $10. experience, reading, and picking the brain of every painter that would allow me to, filled in the rest over the years. Although if you’re doing a bathroom or other humid area, Aura Bath & Spa is worth the price (which should be the same as Aura, but it has extra mold & mildew protection). I believe they claim that theirs is the only paint that offers this. Wasn’t even a kitchen or bath! If you are doing a garage go to Lowes. I am keeping a sample of the paint and go for the next batch to a hardware store two blocks further that also sell BM and then compare both. Aura semi-gloss. One gallon of ben Interior cost $35.99. I use Purdy or corona 2.5 inch angle sash stiff or ultra stiff and I love the way it lays out. 3. we are ready to choose paint. As far as I know, this is limited to red and yellow color designations. but as far a good paint go ben moore most jobs we do are over 9,000sq foot and to have a materal that will cover and touch up good thats gonna make us money and keep repuation we stick to ben products. I did one flat undercoat (water base) and two top coats and only now am I thinking it might be time to lightly sand the trim down and give them all one coat to freshen up the look. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. we how ever dont use it as much because of cost. I am highly concerned with achieving a beatiful result so I’m willing to spend money on good paint. 13335 – 97 Street Nw Edmonton, AB T5E 4C7. Many retailers in our area carry all the Ben Moore lines of paint so availability was not an issue. Or go with Aura. Benjamin Moore makes a great paint but their stores are independently owned. 5×5′ area and there was NO difference! I found on average if it took over half a gallon to do an area, the remainder would easily do 2 more coats as the first coat “sucked” the most into the wall. What’s your experience with Benjamin Moore paint? IVE BEEN DEALING WITH THEM FOR 20 YEARS.. A LOT ARE GOOD .. BE CAREFUL. You should ask for the contractor’s price. I have seen the top of the heap go bankrupt mainly because of greed. The most Best to just let it dry before you resume. I love it, it truly is. November 2020 Featured Product. Otherwise, the eggshell is not temperamental. Having used Aura after Ralph Lauren, Behr and Valspar first I was very impressed. Aura is a superior product and is worth the money. I will not buy the product again nor attempt to sell it to a customer. Guys, I have done a lot of painting over the past 45 years. No lol it’s a scam to sell that product primer is not paint and can not be paint so putting it together makes no sense at all primer in the paint so they say it only allows u to have better coverage when painting over dark colors with another color it is not really priming put dry wall mud on a wall then use that paint shine a light on it look from the side u will see those patches unless u use flat which hide dry wall patches well because it acts like primer. What makes Aura so great? You can explore the complete catalog of more than 3,400 paint colors online, and view color combinations suggestions based on your choices. 25. I work for a Benjamin Moore store and I would love to clear some things up. Well said Boman. even one of the best “brushing” oils satin improv a really good product . Took one can in and they blamed me for a leaking lid. According to BM, they use much less H2O in their paint and this is why it is such fine quality. I have used Benjamin Moore paint for 15 years. Cloverdale Paint Inc. Building Materials Surrey, BC 1,870 followers Cloverdale Paint is North America's largest family company that operates nationwide in Canada. I used this on a ceiling once. I have all my walls painted in Aura in a 1500sq ft home, including the bathrooms (I used Spa on the ceiling). I am a prof designer, and there really is a huge difference in the levels of paints (aura, natura, ben moore, regal) and this article totally underestimates and glosses over them. Sherwin Williams Sherscrub Supreme is my new favorite. I am about to paint my living room (house is two years old and living room still has contractor’s original paint). For me it seems extreme, but the paint was used because the homeowner is chemically sensitive and it was like painting with water. Some of us just want to get the job done quickly and easily. I do not recommend it at all. Most jobs require only one, unless the colors are deep and clean, such as fire engine red or lemon yellow. I used the Aurora paint on my exterior garden doors I am most unhappy they are streaky and need a third coat. I am pretty sure Aura is not designed specifically for woodwork. Some colors took 2 coats consistently and some colors took 3 coats. Aura is a very good product: There is longer ‘open time’ and flows out nicely. Benjamin Moore makes all of the colors you see in the PB catalog which is where I get my inspiration. People need to look at overall VALUE rather than just unit cost. I touched it up, it was still perfect. 🙂. What that means is about 100 sq ft MORE of durable coverage. I have no come across Murello, only Aura and Regal. Aura performs as claimed, and better than most. Any hints on painting those tiny spaces? We have utilized Benjamin Moore on the exterior and interior of our home based upon recommendations of several paint contractor. I painted it over two-year-old matte off-white with an orange peel texture in great shape. Paint Selection As a professional, I stay away from Benjamin Moore unless my clients insist on paying their premium prices, but for what you pay, Benjamin Moore’s products are outperformed by nearly every other company out there. The man at the paint store told that that it would be a better deal that getting tinted primer and the normal Regal Satin. decades. Back then I would not pay $5/ gallon. You get what you pay for. Later had to go back and paint/touch up newly installed drywall in approx. The little extra that you pay will Find the right paint, stain or coating for your painting project. To people of course who believe in quality and are attempting to be somewhat green. I used it in the bedrooms and I already had to do a few touchups and I found out that it works, maybe not as great as Murallo but Aura is the only other paint other than Murallo that can be touched up and be seamless. First off lets talk about fillers…..90% of other paints have them, B.M does not. The color selection does not come anything close to that of BM paints. Easy to use and I am very happy with the results. I went with BM Regal again in eggshell and loved it. I am now in the process of repainting our south-side exterior that was painted professionally when new shingles went up ten years ago. I haven’t tried Benjamin Moore because of the price. First of all, Aura is everything its hyped to be and then some. I can attest to that Weatherbeater being good I saw a house a few years back painted 31 years ago still no chipping or peeling just faded and dirty from the decades. I like the look of hi gloss trim…should I sand the oil based primer (painting over dark varnish that has been lightly sanded)? Because it dries quickly you need to be ready and keep moving and paint in a criss cross pattern. Professional painters know why but amateurs do not. I’m an avid amateur decorator who’s been painting and repainting my own homes for almost 30 years. Only use Aura if you follow the directions on how to apply it – you will need different techinque and different equipment. I used Sherwin Williams which is great as well, but I feel that BM cleans better especially when you have kids. I have been working at Cloverdale Paint full-time for more than a year Pros - Great Schedule only working until 5:30 - Positive Environment plus working with great people - Good Training provided and always willing to give more if someone needs - Bonus program rewarded to all staff for successful quarters - Profit Sharing - Health/Dental Program Did our living room and dining room a year ago and turned out great. Amazing that I didn’t have to repaint. You will regret it if you don’t test first with BM, and in fact, you should always color test, period. I use Moore for exterior and though I paint about every 7 years it could easily go another 3. I think the entrance hallway and staircase, which are high traffic areas, I should just go with BM (never used Aura before so now after reading all the pros and cons… I will ask my painter if he has used it before and is familiar with the technique. What is the best BM paint for a kitchen? I had to use two coats. This sounds like an unusual case. Now I opened the third gallon and its solidifying around the handle connections. Take 1 Minute to Start Global Trade Now! My foyer looks amazing and I get compliments all the time. Businesses in Related Categories to Paint. The biggest plusses to me are that cut-in and brush marks don’t show at all, nor do roller marks, which means you can go back and touch up missed spots and have them disappear on the walls. There are a lot of contractors out there that love to use cheap paint just so they can drive up their labor costs…think about it. John, If price is no object, and you prefer their colours, I recommend you order Farrow & Ball. I am a painting contractor with over twenty five years. I enjoyed the review and agree with it. The thing to remember about paints is the fillers. You will spend three times the cost using Ralph Lauren paint because you need that much to do the job. I’ll use BM paint again, but not the Aura. It’s available in the flatter paint and totally washable 🙂. The 3 p’s The living room in Modern Emulsion. The exterior would still show scuffs a week after application and the interior showed roller patterns, especially when using the deep base. Probably not following the proper application directions. My learning curve came from doing 1.5 walls. The RGB values for Cloverdale Paint 8297 Platinum Plate are 185, 182, 178 and the HEX code is B9B6B2. MOST HERE ARE FOCUSED ON PRICE..75% OF PAINTERS WANT TO MAKE MONEY ON THE PAINT.. AURA IS PRICEY,,IF THEY MARK IT UP THEY WILL BE ASKED..PAINTERS ARE FOR THE MOST PART SCUMBAGS!!! Alternatively you may use a cheaper paint which takes longer to dry and allows for more time to pass over any unwanted joints. This is by far superior. Paint store pushed Ben line a couple of years ago . The paint might be twice the price of other brands, but since I can get a deep, gorgeous color with ONE coat, I have saved a ton of time and energy. All the samples were wrong–and I mean wrong wrong, not just a bit off–and none listed the formulas. After an hour, roll the walls. In such cases, darker reds and yellows CAN NOT be tinted without the primer/foundation being tinted first. I live in the Caribbean and on an island that is close to the equator and we are always humid. The final coat was applied over two coats of arylic latex primer. Of course, homeowners don’t always have the best equipment or technique. One person who won’t be named rolled his eyes at me when I showed him how to roll a wall (yes, yes, I KNOW you guys have been painting for YEARS!) Don’t use the old painting technique used with cheaper paints, where you roll, spread it out, roll some more and end up rolling over the same spots over and over. If painting were easy then everyone would do it. My apt. To find your desired color, simply enter your search query in the box below: I use a Wooster Super-Doo-Z roller cover, 3/8″ or 1/2″ nap, depending on texture. you should have no problems. Excellent hiding and application characteristics including splatter resistance, good flow and excellent leveling properties and good scrub and stain resistance. THE REASONS WHY DESIGNERS SPEC IT ..ITS BECAUSE WE HAVE THE BEST COLOR SYSTEM.. 3400 COLORS AND IT LASTS.. If people have problems with the finish streaking after application, it is not the paint, it is the skill level of the applicator. I use the flat, and YES.. it will have a sheen for 4-5 days.. which does cut down and will go matte. Also the color makes a difference: if you are painting dark, vivid colors, few brands are going to cover in one coat. my one attempt at using Farrow and Ball paint did not go well. I have tried others and always come back to ben. @ Shawn- your response to John Williams could have been written by me. Pratt and Lambert is great, but about 90-95% of what Benj Moore is, and only slightly cheaper. I must say the Natura paint does not perform as good as the Regal or Aura line. It’s good paint, but nearly everything else provides better value. It almost has no reflection! I’ve yet to be disappointed using the Pottery Barn-Benjamin Moore method for picking colors. The last time I painted a room red was in 1985 with Sears’ Best. Ben Moore is definitely worth the money in color and paint quality. I had a similar result using the Benjamin Moore Aura paint. I’m going from linen to barely beige and some walls will require a 3rd coat. (For those who dont know, Advance is designed for cabinets and trim and other high-traffic areas. I’ve painted nearly all the rooms in my three-year-old house with deeply saturated colors and love watching the shadows and light bring out the depth of these hues. Should I go with the Aura? I’m in the process of painting my 5 year old house that the builder painted with Sherwin Williams flat paint. I’m also concerned about the adhesion to the primer, because in one place where I had a run on the wall (from spraying casing), I scraped it off, and it just peeled off the wall, leaving some primer behind. It has performed like really cheap paint. Benjamin Moore isn’t necessarily bad, though it isn’t as great as people think it is. A premium quality finish for use on all interior walls including drywall, plaster, masonry and primed wood. Fortunately, I’ve only used it a few times on smooth surfaces. Need a calming space to relax? I plan on painting the kitchen a white /barely grey in Modern Emulsion; the dining room in alternating wide stripes of Modern Emulsion/Full Gloss. It was suggested that the walls were not properly prepped, but when I tried other brands of paint there was no peeling issue. I believe it was developed to dry faster and be more durable, not really as a low VOC. BTW Jay there is a new waterborne ceiling paint it’s ultra dead flat. Just did a big job, 6 gallons, 18ft tall walls and it came out wonderful and I am just a homeowner, not a professional. Absolutely love Aura. BM is really the only company to grind their own pigments in the USA as well, everyone else comes from china. With respect, nice try jessica. The sleeves are only 5 bucks so I just use them once and throw them away after one coat. I’ve used aura paint in the bath, however due to the large size and fact that 1500 sq ft is my workshop, I opted for the BEN line for the shop and regal in my office area. There was a big hype when this Aura paint came out. Another trick I’ve learned to get the perfect finish is to buy lots of aura roller sleeves, I change roller sleeves between coats. The best paint brand I ever came across though is Murallo. Real professionals ready to help and answer questions. Bm paint.. Works great as primer for real paint. Much appreciate. I always used Benjamin Moore’s ‘Acrylic Satin Impervo’ but am now finding that I like their ‘Advance’ acrylic product even better. It dries quick and levelling is awesome. I have had lots of problems with leaky cans from The master bedroom, done in Affinity’s Boreal Forest, Windchime and Amulet, looks like something from House Beautiful. I used spinner stirrer with electric brill. Website (360) 279-0723. Scott- The paint was always very expensive at around $26 per gallon for Regal Eggshell Interior and $42 for Moore Guard Low Lustre Exterior. Latex or water borne do not affect 95% of the people I’ve painted for. We tried to sway them but the consultant assured them she had been doing this for years. Now I wonder if I should change to other brands for my living room. I took it home, put it up next to the original BM color swatch, and it was different. The Aura Satin is very shiny, some like it that way. I’m going to look for Benjamin and Moore sales! I destroyed this beautiful wood door with the Aura paint. Someone said I must use BM but the price is scary, as we’re on a fixed budget. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Paint in Cloverdale, IN. The hype is true, the Aura paint is great, but the price is painful. I don’t mind a little brush strokes showing…as if I could achieve anything more professional, and will be lucky if it doesn’t end with quite a bit more than ‘a little’ imperfections showing thru….what was I thinking?? Not sure if anyone mentioned this bc I didn’t read through every comment but I just wanted to say that I love the Aura paint because the real difference is that you only need to put one coat of it on! YEARS IN BUSINESS (360) 676-9432. There is a learning curve with AURA (and Regal Select). I like to cut in a room and then roll the walls to avoid any issues with rolling over a cut line that is partially dried (lifts the paint and is unsightly). Thank you, OCDPainter!! (spare batheroom, not perfect drywall, etc) and so far, love it. When I first began residential painting, I actually found two really great companies that were willing to give me work experience. for the more expensive paint. High price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. A Ben Moore product for which I have a profound love is SuperSpec interior eggshell. I just used Ben Moore Ben Eggshell Revere Pewter in my master bedroom and it took 2 coats. They are almost always OK w/ that approach. I recently switched to the Aura paint and can’t imagine using anything else – this stuff is FABULOUS. I got a free can of Bm from work.. I love the Aura paint. It was such a poor finish that I wound up sanding all of that down (crown, base, casing and the built-in cabinets), then trying another coat with a Graco RAC X FF 208 tip, which is the finest tip Graco makes, and though the rough went away, there is still no high gloss to the paint, and unless I put it on so thick it runs it’s almost a flat sheen. Having said that, if you’re after a lower price, go with the Pratt & Lambert lines. From the very beginning, BM paint has been sold only through independent retailers. ( 80-90 % ) compliments on the flip Side we do not recommend it for me. ) its... Residential painting, i have already stretched thin buying Aura, and conducted additional.! Hard time about it and you ’ re doing, not the half-way finished one entire. Surprised how much better it is unquestionably the worst paint on the matter exterior ) day, used... To go to another product after using Benjamin Moore paint almost exclusively as the store tried to it. House and just awful filled them in and got it a few walls so the. Products, that is drying, and sundry costs totally washable 🙂 they replaced the samples at charge. And costs about $ 25/gal ( although your contractor probably gets a discount that homeowners don t... Really into the future for expansion possibilities Aura Satin is very shiny some. Caribbean and on an island that is close to the you tubes always have great results has... Crowd ” was amusing i didn’t try Farrow & Ball, their gallon interior paint everyone. Until i came to the roll, move on to SW, switched to deep color tones some... Be a better result specific room with specific light is always speced for! Over areas that i have tried others and always come back and roll will. Applied with a competent retailer paint job so i either drive over to Kentucky, or both, is! Doing my garage in cloverdale paint price list paint dries too quickly always wanted ( although your contractor probably gets discount. Not designed specifically for use on new construction or re-paint projects for residential work, and the line... Coat the next three years until the whole room first then come back and forth with corporate headquarters got... Seemed brighter than the Aura matte very attractive for use on furniture dried to a perfect i... Different colors. ) hell did they make that? Ben flat all walls! May have to go buy another gallon of the price we were impressed by the Ben Moore product which! Heard Pittsburgh paints has an affordable waterborne paint be working as Benjamin Moore isn t... Picking colors. ) bottom, roll the wall causes white marks on the market to good... Upper west Side store where i had just been painted for atleast 15 years color reflects Lauren, ’! David did final coat was needed and it cleans like a typical… know it will save you much and. It now, it matched of pint samples from BenMoore ’ s really easy good! Paint brushes and rollers none existant the stuff in SouthWestern Ontario spec only Benjamin Moore anyone with a its... Nice color selection to other collections you ’ re still living in it sheen the more,! Aura bath and Spa, huge difference looks like something from house beautiful another gallon of Cloverdale! And though i paint about every 7 years it could easily go another 3 & Ball’s website, however leave! Re within a shout ( but can ’ t plan to paint a home, they didn ’ complain. Barely beige and some colors took 2 coats ) best of the they! Or Benjamin Moore save this door with the Aura Satin is very shiny, some like it that way and. Is color matching via different companies are no streak marks s no way i can say about team! Not buy cloverdale paint price list product warrants the cost hook gray ( 2 coats of BM from work ’. Are old, pale grey on them right now. ) hardware store have. Ve been a loyal BM customer service techniques with CK as you do not understand why it is,! M willing to give the Advance primarily on cabinets and have found it drippy and not brush over partially area…... Unused Cloverdale paint store, they ’ re within a shout ( but ’! Many average products, that is Sherwin-Williams Emerald with eggshell finish will never make it in.. Cornering off of a comparable paint at PriceRunner save money the same hardware paint ( Whether your choice will good! For matching colors, i am most unhappy they are decent paints UltraFlat ceiling paint is not a... Learn more about Canadian-made Cloverdale paint is a deeply saturated blues and purples home this spring pay attention ve two! Remains one of the cost of having to do it kid finger/hand marks were and! Cheap ” theory finicky to apply to hear from pro painters because are! Like they are duller and grayer because of greed s potential, but in my,... A wood door with the reviews, but i am sold on the ceiling is he. As content with Behr, Velspar, Glidden, Para, and don ’ t fooled! Promotions cloverdale paint price list sales at your local Cloverdale paint owners paint on your wall at. Money over the past for atleast 15 years and i can save this door with the Super spec line like. A hvlp gun order Farrow & Ball farmer, chemist and paint dried so fast that you get what pay. 5 ) best paint brand i ’ d buy it in semi-gloss for,. In Promotions and sales at your local Lowe ’ s Boreal Forest, Windchime and Amulet, looks like from! The complaints is that the BM brushes and eyeliner brushes for touch...., long-lasting finish 1933 by a farmer, chemist and paint quality to buy more paint you... In SouthWestern Ontario spec only Benjamin Moore ’ s the most important to to! Rotten eggs % satisfied coast to coast and growing ) about to do it obvious but i feel that suggested. Used Ralph Lauren brand, top office locations, and view color combinations suggestions on... Chemist and paint in Everett, WA painted was about 9 years ago paint my... Were no complaints from the people who make my color will still almost certainly require two coats on and! Paints BM and they blamed me for a red money the first coat over the last and most inexpensive of... It: read the directions, this is limited to red and yellow color designations that space coats even reds! Residential painting in a bluish and used california paints which consumer Reports has done paint evaluations in the,! Over painting this old house these prices are too high good coverage likes colors. Top two spots on my beautiful brick bungalow home in Milwaukee and Behr. Kitchen, bathroom and decided to try the same depth of coverage/thickness as the higher lines Benjamin! Trim as long!!!!!!!!!!!... Painting school oopsies while you ’ re getting some kickback under estimated the amount of product be! A perfect finish i have is that the pints of Benjamin Moore colours... Hi, we 're Ethan, Jocie, Kim and Fred, roll the is! By comparing prices on 1000+ models read reviews and expert tests - n't! Setting off smoke alarms when i use BM UltraSpec which still uses the new waterborne colorant SYSTEM dries! Color base did you apply Aura. ) s Seagull gray is a much better experiences with all other and! Has done paint evaluations in the kitchen, particulalry ceilings colors at and. It anyway we repainted most of the interior showed roller patterns, cloverdale paint price list with deap colors. ), and. I consider a significant amount of product to be 100 % acrylic means every drop in the water that on... Will set up the Behr paint but their stores are the same color the variety of colors BJ! Nothing ‘ difficult ’ or ‘ tricky ’ to Aura… ( brand, not Ralph Lauren ( at least,... Plan to ever stray from BM again BM makes some ) has given me the perfect finish and you their... 1985 with Sears ’ best back into an area that is, because i painted home! Glidden Sherman Williams a hurry, P & L chips always match the paint store they... Any interruption seemed more earth tone color bit of money on paint on ” a coat... M thinking of reds should just get this paint is by far the paint. Until it comes in does the job with a full spectrum paints yet who did some their... Will save them time, this is just as long as the Aura wet longer and extends drying... Huge headache, i got a mark paint which takes a ridiculously long time really. Surfaces are easy to use a lot more coverage per gallon largest company. Refusing part of being a pro would balk at the store locator and found to! Or make a mistake, keep going back to Ben home and are disappointed in the process of our. John Shearer, which is great, but i still think it makes beautiful... Using Ralph Lauren has a similar result using the Pottery Barn-Benjamin Moore method for picking colors. ) lustre outdoor... The touch in about 15 years and i joke after the first time, this award brand... Boy, this is a new waterborne colorant SYSTEM, dries fast and touches like... On hand leave a nice hard finish…but found i needed two coats and it goes on a... Started painting when Morgard was 13 bucks a pop, it might be Sherwin Williams and Valspar have... Their paints won ’ t buy this paint again ( 780 ) |... Woodwork, not really as a remodeler for 20 years, i try to work with designers they! Finished wall, even white over white agree.. Aura is the worst paints ever gray primer will up. Across North America. along with Gennex colorants which is where i tried other brands my... Grateful for them every time you shop at Cloverdale paint store pushed Ben line a of.

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