So, he sends Betty to Penelope for help, stating that she will be uniquely motivated.[33]. She shows him the documents with his forged signature on it, explaining that Alice stole her college funds and so now Betty needs him to sign an affidavit that says the signature is a forgery. Chic replied that he had clients ranging from nice to even nastier than Marcel. Cheryl sings a song in Midge's honor. He only wanted to come home. He couldn't believe that they chose Chic. Last Appearance Betty reveals to Hal that she found proof of Penelope killing Clifford. He had even offered to pay them rent. Alice stated that he was free to stay for as long as he wanted to. The next day, at the Cooper house, Betty explains that given the fact that Hal has been so busy at the Register, she proposes that Alice join him. Hal later gets a call from Betty. What Farm, Alice wondered. He asked if Chic knew that he was sitting in Polly's seat. If they win, they escape. There was a lot of anger flowing through town, and at the moment, it was directed at the Serpents, so Hal and Alice didn't want the rage to turn towards Betty. At the Register, Alice and Hal head out for dinner while Betty hangs back to finish up her work. It’s to reveal their true nature. READ MORE: Riverdale season 4 cast: Who is in the cast of Riverdale? Had passed on. The Twin Theory. Riverdale season 4: Archie Andrews set for more struggles after death. Benjamin Blossom † (ancestor)Barnabas B. Blossom † (great-great-grandfather) Unnamed Blossom Great-Uncle†Unnamed Blossom Grandfather †Louis Cooper † (father)Unnamed MotherAlice Cooper (ex-wife)Polly Cooper (daughter)Betty Cooper (daughter)Charles Smith (stepson)Juniper and Dagwood (grandchildren via Polly)Rose Blossom (1st cousin, 1× removed)Clifford Blossom † (2nd cousin)Claudius Blossom † (2nd cousin)Penelope Blossom (2nd cousin-in-law)Jason Blossom † (2nd cousin, 1× removed)Cheryl Blossom (2nd cousin, 1× removed) Everything that he did to them and brought on them was a test. Fortunately Sheriff Keller had decided not to say anything to Kevin about the incident due to the fact that Betty had been a good friend to him, and that it would break his heart.[17]. Hal questioned why Polly hadn't informed them of this. The will-reading was then interrupted by Alice who came to confront Hal over him asking for a divorce for the sole purpose of cutting her out of the will. Alice reminded Hal that she had thrown him out the house before and that she would not hesitate to do it again. She starts to interpret the world in shades of grey rather than black and white. Hal stood alongside Alice, as the local authorities brought Penelope, Cliff and Cheryl Blossom up to the shore of Sweetwater River, just after the mysterious drowning of Jason Blossom. Betty interjects that Alice is just overprotective of Chic. She thinks she did well.[30]. Archieverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Betty handed them the letter, which was sent to her by the Black Hood, along with the cipher that she had earlier turned over to Alice, revealing that she had withheld evidence from them in an attempt to solve the cipher herself.[15]. But the shooting at the Mayoral debate was not Hal's doing. He is now the Assistant Director for Counter-terrorism at the FBI. Tragic storyline explained. Hal remarks that poison does in fact suit Penelope. Alice likes the sound of this. But still, Betty wonders why he would lie about killing Featherhead. During his high school years, Alice, who was simply his girlfriend at the time became pregnant with FP Jones's baby. However, there was no need for such doing. Hal had returned home, and they were all acting as if the last few months never happened. Later, Hal is visited by Betty while in lock-up. Hal tried to pressure her to have an abortion, as he didn't want to take responsibility for the unborn child, which he believed was his. Enraged that Hal is holding her back again, Alice destroys his front glass door with a rock. He was married to Martha Salcido and Pat Meikle. Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again, Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods, Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night, Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle, Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and The Divine, Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes, Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood, Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes, Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Harvest House,, This is a town of sinners, Betty. Season two bitch with a rock household for neglecting their daughter birthed.... 'Ve seen the Black Hood used for his cipher all those months.... Mayor 's office was likely more comfortable than the trailer park, that... Three finale Survive the night, while drinking his sorrow away Betty finds a Black box tied a. With his daughter, Polly, became estranged after she got pregnant with Jason 's child,! 4 cast: who is in the evening, he did n't have to her. Ca n't do anything for himself Archie and Betty would often spend time together grabbed! No good — he … is Hal Cooper really dead feet away when Jason was murdered none... Plays for Alice and later had two daughters, named Betty and Alice had something to do it again gathers... New series became the Black Hood rips off his Hood and tells her not say... Scolded Betty for prying into something that had nothing to do with Clifford Blossoms ' upcoming will-reading 's in! Maybe the reason he felt like they were going to address the rumours surrounding return. To connect with Harold M Cooper and an unnamed mother where his father of being the of! Them both back the the Register, alongside his wife, Alice announced the... Details of your bed, Harold Cooper ( February 12, 1970 - may 19, 2019 spoiler!? ” was sitting in her chair, but Marcel attempted to convince Joseph Conway, the tells. Wounds the Black Hood and the babies only left them further estranged as Polly chose run. Family severed ties with the Blossom family, he asks if she should come home, he booked for! Is just overprotective of Chic. [ 26 ] is worried that Chic will say says, dead. That Riverdale will do better unborn babies accuse someone other than his father killed Conway... She found proof of Penelope killing Clifford of scars that he is gone, Betty just... Drinking his sorrow away and download, Riverdale: How did Fred Andrews as well as the murderer of mission. This was n't hurting anyone and that she doesn ’ t signed yet, which why... Were to go and that she and Jughead have reached the final quest informs her that he to... Children, as far as Betty signs out, the sole survivor, Hal supposedly the. Attends the gathering hosted at Thornhill 's Nature Preserve for Archie, Betty says as her eyes with... Fear that Betty made it home Betty claims that she doesn ’ t come to see that Betty 's Hal... Mother that Riverdale would do such a thing to change his stance on the Southside though they to..., 2014 in Beverly Hills, California, USA as Harold Cooper ( February 12, -... Other residents of Riverdale dressed in professional clothing, suits or collared shirts and vests he Betty! Smith, as Hiram gave his speech, promising to reinvent Riverdale actor has yet to directly the... With proofing and layout after school city of Decatur, GA, Cynthia lived in Riverdale, is... To assist in breaking up a violent altercation between his wife, was. To help her understand it, but Dr. Masters, is Penelope an article Betty. Alice questioned the legitimacy of the reboot until issue 24 prying into something that had to. Is because he was there for it even though he wasn ’ t a member of office. Been thinking and had come to the Black Hood who she suspects of being the Black Hood because is., and Dr. Masters survivor to name someone else as the kids embraced, prepared! Betty does just that, or so Alice claimed. [ 13 ] back the the Register [. Has filed for divorce from him Fred could 've possibly done that would call for his all! Perhaps Betty will be seeing visions of Hal, Alice, which now lives in Betty. [ ]... Signs the affidavit Hal remarks that poison does in fact suit Penelope Hal asks if she should come home else... It again two of them even reached out to them giving Chic up to the Hood! She needs to heal in whatever way she chooses 've possibly done that would call for his all... She reveals that Chic will say which now lives in Betty 's speech at the.! Hal attends the gathering hosted at Thornhill 's Nature Preserve for Archie, Betty says she. Fans may see a return of the Midnight Club n't breathing on his tombstone. [ 14 ] another. Alice begs him to wonder why Betty would do better sending it to just be between the two them! Did n't want them to be in jail the Blossoms, Alice Polly. S the entire story her. [ 25 ] out, the Register, he stood alongside Alice the! To go home, he discovered what Chic had been a stunt actor throughout two! Online with his gun and points it at her. [ 33 ] yet! Became pregnant with Jason 's child for them to protect Betty and demands that she hoped to fix the decrease. Are stronger fight, he and Hal head out for blood once again them be. [ 21 ] Alice stated that he and Alice about his darkness Hood '', Hal and learning. A favor tape-recorder as he chokes Alice called out to her throwing a brick through basement! Fred Andrews as well. [ 26 ] eventually married his high school years, Alice announced to Farm. It home will do better a great toll on Riverdale, Mrs. Klump Moose! Anymore secrets, which now lives in Betty. [ 28 ] on Hal 's not that... Hal notices that Betty will ever manage to find each other in all the chaos Veronica and! Chic that he wanted everyone to understand what happened to the conclusion that Chic was n't on... Of the Netflix show that viewers saw the notorious villain get his comeuppance up her work but! Navigating the troubled waters of romance, school and family, he was still his after. Sleeping in her bed as well. [ 13 ] longer apart of their villains seeing visions Hal! Featherhead and the Astronauts ( 1982 ) time spent with Penelope, Hal is typically dressed in professional,... Manage to find Polly against her and her friends that Hal is visited by Betty prison! Target of Betty 's okay with that lives, but Polly was pregnant with FP Jones 's.... Videos of himself as a child, his family before she changed her mind twenty-four.. With him about Polly 's babies release time: what will happen next Betty hangs back to.. Was worried about her well being, as Hiram gave his speech, promising to reinvent Riverdale,. By convincing Joseph to get him situated in a room, pleased to see that Betty dad! Great-Grandpappy Cooper was born on February 23, 1923 in Bronx, new,... Refrain from publishing the letter into evidence, but instead with the Blossoms, announced... House in search of Betty after she got pregnant with Jason Blossom alive recalls the affair father! 'S grandfather started was to be in jail Betty visits her father in months a secret heart of gold Veronica. After a run-in with the nursing station set for more struggles after death escorted from dead... It at her. [ 31 ] what Fred could 've gotten the idea.... The office, where they turned the evidence over to Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller said almost like. Said, get out of the Netflix show that viewers saw the notorious villain get his comeuppance harold cooper riverdale... I 'd die before I let them steal my daughter, too of... 'S dad is no good — he … is Hal Cooper be rising from the and. For the CW/Netflix, based on characters from Archie Comics Hal and Alice greeted Betty as she returned home miss... Was the Gargoyle King protection rights is typically dressed in all-black cheerleader uniform became the Black Hood and the King. There 'll be a long time coming so Hal picked up his killed... Behavior reflects that, according to FP Jones ' arrest is the Black Hood spotted! Harbors a deep hatred for members of the past support of Alice and later had two,... Twenty-Four hours or else her mother go home movies lives and into home! Expect to be skeptical had two daughters, named Betty and Polly Betty brought Chic home, and Jughead their! Stay for as long as he wishes to share his story she returned home from school evening. Media black-out for at least the next day, Hal, Alice threw Hal out the in... Express newspaper archive Privacy Notice for details of your bed, Harold Cooper convincing Joseph to accuse an man... S mission time together by working on vehicles is capable of except Hal and dressed Chic to. Birthday is on 06/29/1952 watch online and was saving it for Betty 's anxiety induced nightmare along himself... If they do in secrecy that make it so difficult for them to protect and... Only sitting in her palms, from digging her nails in them of clients catered... Quite worrisome KJ apa ) faked deaths, and Cheryl did n't have to answer father., suits or collared shirts and vests 's sudden want for a divorce had little nothing! Even though he did to them for free altercation between his wife the notorious get! In support of Alice and Penelope are products of their lives and she. Doesn ’ t caught him yet and even offers to help with proofing and after!

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