Medicaid For Former Foster Care Youth; CHIP; Pennsylvania's Health Insurance Marketplace (Pennie) Food & Nutrition; The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the School Meals program help you and your family buy food and receive nutritious free or reduced-price school meals. For more about the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, including details regarding the Affordable Care Act Medicaid application, continue reading the information … Pennsylvania's Medicaid program is a lifeline for vulnerable populations, including children, people with disabilities, older adults, and people who are battling substance use disorder. Dashboard updated 12/2/2020 for Sep 2020. No one should ever feel that they have to go hungry or go without health care, especially during the holiday season – help is always available,” said DHS Secretary Teresa Miller. The breakdown of the enrollment shows us … Department of Health Data Nursing Home Reports A large volume of information by nursing homes including admissions, discharges, beds, and occupancy rates. All rights reserved. Eligible enrollees were able to apply starting December 1, 2014. Applying for these programs is an act of advocacy for yourself and your family.”. In collaboration with Governor Tom Wolf's Open Data Initiative, additional data sets will be added to this page as they are reviewed and processed. The Burden of Asthma in Pennsylvania This report focuses on adult and child asthma prevalence, hospitalizations, mortality, and costs in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is committed to making data-driven decisions to better serve Pennsylvanians. Pennsylvanians can learn more at Ensure graduates of Pennsylvania’s high schools are career ready. Data currently available on the dashboard serves as its initial launch, and more information on coverage, service utilization, and personal stories of Medicaid … This report observes a 90-day look back period to allow for application processing lag, retroactive enrollments, etc. For more information on public assistance programs, visit View yearly fiscal reports for each of those counties. OLTL's Data Dash is a collection of documents regarding current OLTL enrollment data, market share between CHC-MCO's and other frequently requested information. In 2014, about 80 million individuals were enrolled in Medicaid, or 25.9 percent of the total United States population. Historical Claims Data This report was created by Mercer. Department of Human Services (DHS) Secretary Teresa Miller reminded Pennsylvanians that safety-net programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicaid are available to individuals and families who are struggling to afford food or access health care. View our interactive Medicaid data dashboard and see how many Pennsylvanians were able to get covered and get connected to critical health care services. As of December 2019, has enrolled 985,201 individuals in Medicaid and CHIP — a net increase of 57.29% since the first Marketplace Open Enrollment Period and related Medicaid program changes in October 2013. has adopted one or more of the targeted enrollment strategies outlined in guidance CMS issued on May 17, 2013, designed to facilitate enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Medicaid Counts by County. View the Office of Income Maintenance Listserv for enrollment data on Medical Assistance, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. © 2020 Check out the number of licensed personal care homes in the state, information about residents, how many beds are available, and more. More information is available below. Enrollment Information. In an effort to track outcomes, here are two interactive dashboards that capture county data around mental health and substance abuse programs, and home and community-based service programs for people with intellectual disabilities. Proudly founded in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom. Health Statistics. Enrollment in SNAP decreased by 10,645 between September and October, primarily because of a reinstatement of semi-annual renewals required by the federal government. Earlier this year, Pennsylvania joined a pilot program from the federal government allowing SNAP recipients to purchase food online through certain approved retailers like Walmart, Amazon, the Fresh Grocer, and Shoprite. Medicaid Statistics Division of Fiscal Management. Enrollment statewide for Medicaid has increased by 273,656 people since February 2020 -- a 9.7 percent increase. The Agency publishes 16 Medicaid enrollment reports on a monthly basis. CMS publicly releases these eligibility and enrollment data collected from states in monthly reports. Medicaid is a wide-ranging, jointly funded state and federal health care program for low-income individuals of all ages. The exhibits include data for the Commonwealth’s Fiscal Year (July 1) SFY 2012-13 and SFY 2013-14 and are summarized by zone, population group and category of service. SNAP recipients can also use online purchasing to use SNAP funds for grocery delivery or for prepayment of curbside pick-up at certain retailers. To request a PA Health & Wellness contract for Pennsylvania Provider Enrollment, please fill out the form. Enrollment statewide for Medicaid has increased by 210,576 people since February, for a total enrollment of 3,042,139 people in August — a 7.4 percent increase. SNAP helps nearly 1.9 million Pennsylvanians purchase fresh food and groceries, helping families with limited or strained resources be able to keep food on the table while meeting other bills and needs. As a PA Health & Wellness provider, you can rely on: A comprehensive approach to care for your patients through disease management programs, healthy behavior incentives and 24-hour toll-free access to bi-lingual registered nurses When Governor Tom Wolf expanded Medicaid in 2015, even more Pennsylvanians were able to get covered and get connected to critical health care services. Please click the appropriate navigation item on the left hand side of the page to start a “New Application”, “Revalidation” or “Reactivation”. SPOTLIGHT & RELEASES 11/18/2020: CMS released its latest versions (2006-2019) of the Medicare-Medicaid Duals Enrollment Trends (Ever-enrolled) data brief and data. Prospective petitioners looking to apply for Medicaid for the first time should know how the Pennsylvania Medicaid expansion changed the rules. Providing open data around child welfare helps keep Pennsylvania's children safer.Review the annual Child Abuse and Protective Services Report and quarterly summaries of child fatalities and near fatalities in Pennsylvania. [15] More than 750,000 Pennsylvanians have benefited from health insurance coverage under Medicaid expansion, as of November 2018. The HealthChoices website hosts data books and provides historical data about the HealthChoices program in Pennsylvania. An interactive dashboard around child welfare services is planned for a future release. Pennsylvania expanded Medicaid as of January 1, 2015. An interactive dashboard on child welfare services is planned for a future release. However, this page is focused on Medicaid eligibility, specifically for Pennsylvania residents, aged 65 and over, and specifically for long term care, whether that be at home, in a nursing home or in assisted living. Inadequate food and chronic nutrient deficiencies have profound effects on a person’s life and health, including increased risks for chronic diseases, higher chances of hospitalization, poorer overall health, and increased health care costs. Please browse through our webpages to find the latest available health statistics and data analysis for Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Based on . This workbook from the Office of Long-Term Living provides information about nursing facilities, such as demographics, cost, and how many residents within each facility receive Medical Assistance. Funds can only be used for food products and not processing fees or tips. Thirty counties receive block grant funding via a pilot program to provide for the county-based human service needs of their residents. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(… Develop a skilled workforce that meets the needs of Pennsylvania's business community, Provide universal access to high-quality early childhood education, Provide high-quality supports and protections to vulnerable Pennsylvanians. Since taking office, Governor Wolf has worked to improve health care access and increase affordable health care options for Pennsylvanians. Applications for SNAP, Medicaid, and other public assistance programs can be submitted online at Review DHS Data. Visit the Office of Developmental Programs' to view data reports, rate schedules, and other announcements. Enrollment Reports and Projections. For our Pennsylvania providers, we've developed a set of guidelines for a variety of conditions, as well as clinical indicators and reference materials. Pennsylvanians who have lost health coverage or are currently uninsured and need coverage for themselves or their children may qualify for coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Keystone State. Open enrollment for 2021 plans continues through January 15, 2021. All states (including the District of Columbia) are required to provide data to CMS on a range of indicators related to key application, eligibility, and enrollment processes within state Medicaid and CHIP. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. The enrollment information is a state-reported count of unduplicated individuals enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program at any time during each month in the quarterly reporting period. For more information about food assistance resources for people around Pennsylvania impacted by COVID-19 and the accompanying economic insecurity, visit the Department of Agriculture’s food security guide. Clients should use COMPASS or the MyCOMPASS PA mobile app to submit necessary updates to their case files while CAOs are closed. Medicaid Stats Docs Type Download Published Date; pdf: November 2020 Monthly Membership Count by County: 11/2/2020: pdf: October 2020 Monthly Membership Count by County: According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicaid accounted for one-sixth of healthcare spending in the United States during that year. Health Care Workforce Reports As of December 2018, approximately 2.8 million people were enrolled in Medicaid in Pennsylvania. Information on Medicaid pharmacy policies and administration is provided in a separate data collection. Pennsylvania’s Medicaid Waiver: The Step by Step Enrollment Guide Posted at 16:16h in Insights by Brett S 4 Comments Our comprehensive guide walks you through registering and enrolling into Pennsylvania’s Medicaid waiver program. Established in 1965, Medicaid is the primary source of health insurance coverage for low-income and disabled individuals and the largest source of financing for the healthcare services they need. Make note, Medicaid in Pennsylvania is called Medical Assistance (MA). Pennsylvanians who have lost health coverage or are currently uninsured and need coverage for themselves or their children may qualify for coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The Office of Child Development and Early Learning has a research page where Pennsylvanians can review needs assessments, program information, and public data. In just the first two days of enrollment, 41,500 Pennsylvania residents applied for Healthy Pennsylvania coverage. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is committed to making data-driven decisions to better serve Pennsylvanians. The interactive map below provides a county-by-county look at how many residents are enrolled in departmental programs. Enrollment for SNAP statewide has increased by 118,510 people since February, for a total enrollment of about 1,855,969 in October -- a 6.8 percent increase. Medicaid & CHIP Enrollment Data. In order for providers to participate with the Department of Human Services (DHS), they must first enroll. [16] Note: Data comes from the MGMT-1000M report. According to estimates of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), over 75 million people were enrolled in Medicaid in 2019. “2020 had been a hard year for all of us, but I want to remind any Pennsylvanian who may be struggling through these tough times that they are not alone. Historical Data by Subject with Method. READ: Gov. The department's monthly data report provides details about enrollment and service utilization in DHS programs. The DHS clickable service map is now available to display enrollment/SNAP spending by county. Please enable scripts and reload this page. I encourage any Pennsylvanians who may need help to reach out and apply. Those who prefer to submit paper documentation can print from the website or request an application by phone at 1-800-692-7462 and mail it to their local County Assistance Office (CAO) or place it in a CAO’s secure drop box, if available.

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