I no everyone has been calling blue mage a solo job but it really isn't. Alright, you've got access to all of your 80 Blue Magic spells and it's time to pick the 24 that you actually want to use. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Moon Flute was mostly used in conjunction with the suicidal spells. If you're going to be tanking anything hard though, you'll want it. Just tap level 59 mobs (Azys Lla is a good place) and let your friend kill them for you (don't be in a party together or it won't work). Looking for the exact quote now, but I recall they mentioned a special BLU PF in one of the most recent Live Letters. It's on a 90s cooldown, but absolutely should be in your active spells. Angel Whisper - Another utility spell that everyone should have. Missile is good on a single target, dealing 50% damage if it hits. It's your basic heal that you'll be relying on so you don't drain your MP spamming White Wind. They deal the same damage regardless. Mimic: DPS gives you a permanent Crit and Direct Hit buff. Northelies (Cone AOE), Plaincracker (Melee Circle) and Protean Wave (Line AOE) are the best fits, but none of the spells are that great. e.g. If you don't care about Libra, you can go down to just one attack spell and free up 2 additional slots. I hate giving numbers that aren't totally backed up, but it seems to be around a 10-15% damage boost if paired with Song of Torment, Eruption, Mountain Buster, J Kick, and Surpanakha. Because it's fucking annoying having to make a party or coming back after a break and barely anyone wanting to do BLU spell runs. DPS BLUs want around 735 SpS (600+ is nice) with the rest into Crit. Looking at how many abilities might be coming from trials and raids I seriously hope they've given BLU a major power boost. I'm not sure what the point is of a BLU PF instead of a BLU DF, though. Off-Guard - It's Blue Mage's Trick Attack, seriously. Raelys Skyborn of Behemoth for images/spells in numerical order, /u/ShamelessEnd for the Masked Carnivale achievement, None More Blue, /u/Ylandah for Primal EX Achievement Tips, /u/Thrashinuva for Death-able Enemies Chart. Set Exuviation to remove Bind. You can use Ram's Voice as your Umbral attack spell to free up a spell slot. Yes the stun is longer, but is it worth the risk cost? You can pick whichever spells you prefer. That being said, a Whistled Cannon deals 1080 Potency on a Petrified target making it your strongest attack that doesn't kill yourself and it's AOE. For optimization with Libra, you'll want Eruption, Mountain Buster, Glass Dance, J Kick, and Surpanakha. ", These quests are at levels 50, 53, 55, 58, 60, & 60. /u/DivineRainor for some guesswork on datamined spell icon names. Mask of Azuro (lv60 head slot, AF1 head, minus the hat, Crit +79 DH +55). 50: Maim and Mend V (Blue Mage) You'll be using it every 30s no matter what. Pom Cure - 500 Potency Heal. |Description = Deals earth damage to all enemies in a cone before you with a potency of 200 for the first enemy, and 50% less for all remaining enemies. White Wind - Restores HP to the party equal to your current HP. Throughout this guide, we will be outlining the following: Damage taken reduced by 40%, Damage dealt reduced by 70%, Increased Enmity generation, and gains PLD's Trait of spells can't be interrupted. As for Feather Rain, Eruption has no falloff damage either. 12.4s Surpanakha 3 - 400 Potency. Good point on the grabbing aggro, but I found the Primal Spells to be better suited for that task. It is pretty fun, but will probably be dying in a few weeks. Pom Cure - 500 Potency Heal. It has a 180s cooldown to keep it from being too overpowered, but you can just cycle it amongst the Blue Mages and you'll be golden. Personally, I've yet to have issue with holding aggro without it as long as I use White Wind under Mighty Guard at the beginning of the pull to get a huge lead. I know this may not even be considered side-content for a lot of players but I have enjoyed the limited job that is Blu. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The base damage was bad but with Offguard, Peculiar Light, and primal bursts they were pretty strong. I find that a very useful spell. What? I like it. Quick note, Mighty Guard does not decrease healing power, nor does it affect HP% attacks like Missile. How much DPS is lost clipping the GCD to use primal abilities? Your job is all about getting aggro on all the enemies, then weakening them so the rest of the party can kill them faster. Materia used is Tier V, which you can trade in for Mhachi Matters at Smacklix, located at Idyllshire (7.6 , 4.8). I will break the spells up into ones that are good regardless of role, and ones that are more role-specific. Bad Breath also has the Interrupt effect on it as well. One Umbral 220 Attack - You have limited options here. Oppressor also has super thin legs while in that icon it clearly has the two... arm bits? Honestly i prefer chimera's breath. It'd be even funner if BLU had its own PvP mode. When playing as a blue mage, it is possible to participate in duties with other players in preformed or undersized parties. Mainly because I found some other blues who were getting 1000 needles and they were nice enough to help me. I love this spell. Find out where to seek new magic and view a wealth of information for spells you have already acquired. In Act I, RUN from Rush but STOP when you have the short Fire debuff on you (run out of the AoE when the debuff wears). Unlocked upon completion of the Blue Scream of Death quest, the blue mage log allows you to form parties with other Blue Mages and participate in specific duties. The Ram's Voice (Melee Circle) also works, but I've got it elsewhere on the list. Final Sting - Hey, feeling a little suicidal? One Physical 220 Attack - Sharpened Knife (Fast Melee), Kaltstrahl (Melee Cleave), and Abyssal Transfixion (Ranged ST) are your options here, just pick the spell that best fits your playstyle and role. With the addition of Aetherial Mimicry, this list is going to be a little more complex then my last one since there's basically four roles to cover here. It also can work as your Silence/Interrupt if you Swiftcast it. Relics. As with my previous guide, I will sort out spells by where you can obtain them, the earliest level you can find them, as well as alternate/more reliable sources to farm them. Mounts Minions Orchestrion Blue Magic Emotes Bardings Hairstyles Armoire Fashion Accessories Triple Triad. Maim and Mend III (Blue Mage) Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 30%. 18 seconds is plenty of time to melt trash, and it doesnt require set up. The drop rate is lower than the pony whistles for cryin' out loud! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Displayed skills include traditional abilities, such as 1000 Needles, and the ability to copy skills fro… Be quick! If both healers are out of mana and you need to make the sacrifice play to keep someone alive, that's the point of this spell. That's the main selling point for both of those spells. Directly above that is the Vault's SICKNESS MUST BE PURGED. It’s a class that’s kinda pushed away from everyone else, and thus is incredibly hard to actually level up by standard routes. Aetherial Mimicry - To cap off the universal spell list has to be the spell that lets you choose your role. Ram's Voice + Dragon's Voice - These are more for dungeons situations. Picking up the Blue Mage class in Final Fantasy 14 is one heck of a task. Because of this I gave up on all but on Primal spell. I joined in the tongue-spamming, naturally. Composed of a variety of canes, they are used by Blue Mages. For dungeons, you don't need these. Note that you don't need all of these spells for the achievement. Surpanakha is an action unlocked at level 53. Stars indicate the rank of the spell and how hard it will be to learn. You have to find a group and get the spell. This is your strongest GCD attack that doesn't require any status effects to work. Blue Mage. They will need to add more power on the path to 60 though, hopefully the new skills will provide that. I also found a group of 5 BLUs yanking around an apkallu with Sticky Tongue while another pelted it with sardines. Condensed Libra - You were probably wondering why this wasn't in the universal spell list. Missile, Launcher, and Level 5 Death - These are your trash killers.

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