Lens Style Material Min Fit Laser Markings Temple Power Range Essilor Varilux Panamic N Poly, Transitions G/B Polarized G/B Extra/Soft 18 mm Add P-10.00 to +6.00 0.75 to 3.50 Essilor Varilux Panamic N Ormex Transitions Gray Extra/Soft 18 mm Add X-10.00 to +6.00 0.75 to 3.50 This article will take a look at the methodology that was used to study these wearers’ needs and describe the features of the new generation of progressive lenses: Varilux ® X series TM. through a single point in the lens. Varilux is a corrective varifocal lens solution allowing you to see near, far and intermediate distances with ease. 23 7 SOL VING AD APT A TION . Here is a source to see if your lens markings are those for Varilux … Add to pricing. DISCOVER THE VARILUX FAMILY * Survey conducted by CSA among a representative sample of 1018 independent ECPs, in 10 countries: Fr, Sp, Ger, It, UK, US, Canada, Brazil, India, China. Same as distortion and adaptation, better lens has better vision stability and easier to wear. These tell various things about the lens. the problem with varilux markings; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Thanks to Varilux progressive lenses, you experience vision so natural at all distances, it is as if the lens and eye are working as one! VARILUX® X DESIGN Standard Rx range pricing shown below is for: Sphere: Plano to + or -6.00 Compound: Plano to + or -6.00 on-0.25 to -3.00 Higher powers over this range, add $1.35 per lens, per diopter Lens materials available with The Smart Blue Filter are … Design For Vision - Levittown 1329 E. Lincoln Hwy. These will be identical to the lenses that came originally in your Varilux frames. NEW VARILUX COMFORT Lens Comparison; NEW VARILUX COMFORT Sales Aid; Download The Latest Free Form Lens Information: 2014 Free Form Lens Handbook; Free Form Progressive Lens Availability Chart (Updated 6-12-2012) Luzerne Optical & Essilor will offer New Varilux Comfort lenses to help patients enjoy ease of vision throughout the day in every aspect of modern life. FITTING VARILUX STEP BY STEP 1 UNDERST ANDING THE P A TIENT P. 7 2 ANAL YZING THE PRESCRIPT I ON P . BUT what you are wearing now (Varilux Comfort) the fitting cross is 4 mm above the 180 line, it is a "soft" design and the reading area is located 14 mm below the 180 line. Based on the latest advances in optics, Varilux series is the most sophisticated visual solution among the Varilux Range. Varilux X Series lenses are the result of five years of research and development, 19 wearer studies among thousands of wearers and 15 new lens design patents. Fitting cross location: 2mm above 180 line Rec. DSPC delivers Varilux performance and quality on every Varilux DRx lens. Varilux X Series lenses are the only progressive lenses to feature Xtend™ Technology, a revolutionary new design calculation. (if you look at the lens at an angle you'll see little markings like an "e" in an eye shape with a … They offer natural, comfortable vision to anyone challenged by presbyopia. Varilux is at the forefront of innovation, bringing you the science of tomorrow, today. Unlike bifocals, there are not two separate areas of the lens dedicated to close-up and distance vision. Varilux lenses were the first progressive lenses available on the market. Varilux® X Series™ is the newest, most innovative Varilux® lens design available. minimum fitting height: 18mm The best digital lens on the market today, the Physio W3 lens is digitally carved on both sides to provide the most comfortable, and widest viewing area possible. Check out the amazing benefits of the all new "S" Series lens! The new lenses will … Nine out of 10 wearers who have never tried progressive lenses before, want to continue wearing Varilux® Comfort Max lenses (2)(3). The outer mid entry is O the lower entry is 20. Reduced swim and easy adaptation Like all Varilux® lens designs, Varilux Physio Enhanced: • Minimizes the swim effect that many PAL wearers complain of • Enables quick, painless adaptation from single-vision, bi/trifocals, or competitive PALs • Offers greater comfort for patients, and less returns and non-adapts for your practice Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit™ personalization offers add Combined with a new calculator Essilor is able to design each lens with much greater precision taking into account multiple targets for one gaze direction. Varilux Comfort. Design For Vision Sunglass Central Design For Vision - Jamison 2395 York Rd. Thus, to determine which lens is better, we need to factor in these 3 attributes. Can anyone decode the markings I have on my Varilux Panamic lenses? In our digital age, lens wearers are multitasking every day of their life. Varilux lenses are backed by extensive, groundbreaking research, technology, and wearer testing. The Varilux Physio is made by Essilor, the world's largest maker of high quality eyeglass lenses. The Varilux ® progressive lens has been through a great variety of innovations since it was first introduced by Bernard Maitenaz in 1959. Where all other manufacturers I’ve tested have quite a visible corridor, the Varilux X lenses does not have that “hour glass” feel to them. After wearing the lenses for a couple of months, I wanted to provide an update based on my continued observations. Varilux Physio is the only lens proven to increase contrast sensitivity in all fields of vision. The Varilux® X series™ lens is the result of innovation in lens design with Xtend™ technology which delivers additional benefits for today’s near vision demands. Suite 12 Jamison , PA 18929 Phone: (215) 491-2020 Fax: (267) 483-8779. Combined with a new calculator Essilor is able to design each lens with much greater precision taking into account multiple targets for one gaze direction. Feb-Apr 2018 . On progressive lenses, there are faint laser markings. With Varilux series progressive lenses family, based on 3 technologies and 13 patents, experience Limitless Vision. I'm curious to know the meaning of these and would like to validate these are Panamic lenses. (Disclaimer- I am employed by Essilor of America) Both Zeiss and Essilor make a variety of very high performing progressive lens designs- both of which are capable of providing a very good visual experience for the wearer. From cell phone, to laptop, to desktop (sometimes with 2-3 monitors), to the clock on the wall, our patients work and social life demands that they are able to see various distances quickly and effortlessly. 9 3 FRAME SELECTION . Please allow 7-10 working days to process Varilux X 4D 1.74 Systemically includes Crizal Prevencia, Crizal Sapphire, Crizal Avancé or Crizal Alizé. Your patients receive sharp, natural vision at any distance, even in low lighting conditions, with Varilux … A fan-favorite for first time progressive wearers and advanced progressive patients, the comfort family of lenses allows for easy adaptation and easy transition between the visual zones of the lens. Available at Interstate Optical. Our varifocal lenses, Varilux, are dispensed every 4 seconds around the world, offering patients the very best in vision benefits. Review of Varilux X Design…Continued . Combining the best corrective lens designs with protective benefits, we can help you get the most out of your patients’ vision, no matter their prescription. 17 4 T AKING THE MEASUREMEN T S . They are modeled with a computer before being physically manufactured. DÉCOUVRIR LE CONSOMMATEUR 1 UNDERSTANDING THE PATIENT This first step is essential to the success of lens … I recently purchased the Varilux X Fit and now include it in the comparison. Instead, the lenses blend both types of correction to create a more natural field of vision. The Varilux® X series™ lens is the result of innovation in lens design with Xtend™ technology which delivers additional benefits for today’s near vision demands. 27 6 FINAL FITTING PROBLEMS. In fact, it’s the only lens tested on our exclusive avatar model and real wearers before launch. ... why when you send a half pair back for a match that we at the labs cant find the marks we need to find out whether the lens has got thinning prism, what make, type etc.

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